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Thread: Fed up, scaredand counting the days

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    Unhappy Fed up, scaredand counting the days

    So those of you that know me know I have APS
    Some willknow that that means I am high risk for clotting/stroke
    so, I am fed up that when I go to A&E with symptoms they never seem to have heard of my condition always asking me to spell it and looking perplexed and they never do the relevent tests
    I am scared as I have 2 new symptoms (had for 5 weeks now) and one of them is really worrying me
    counting down the days as I am seeing a specialist for APS privately in less than 2 weeks now
    Last night I typed my symptoms into the 111 online symptom checker and it said to go to A&E
    I didn,t go as I have been twice in the last 5 weeks and they do NOTHING
    3 and a half hours each time just sitting waiting feeling worse, may as well be comfy at home if nothing done
    spoke to dr yesterday and he has arranged for me to have a d dimer blood test on monday so that is something
    swing between thinking nearly time for private appt , just wait it out
    but when the pain in the back of my head (right side only) gets unbearable I think I better go to A&E and set off determined that I won,t leave without thoruogh investigaion, but after each 3 and a half hour wait my resolve gets weakened and I allow myself to be fobbed off

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    It might be worth asking the private specialist if (s)he can give you any sort of literature to hand to a medical professional in an emergency, as well as any advice on how to handle emergency situations. It may also be worth asking if you should have a Medic Alert bracelet or similar pointer.

    I send my love and hope you find some answers soon, as well as some peace.

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    Thank you Flymo, I know that some of the members of my support group for APS wear medicalert bracelts, maybe I will look into getting one
    Will deffo ask consultant about leaflets though ,would not have thought of that so thank you
    And thanks for the hugs too

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