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Thread: Dla for child under 5

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    Dla for child under 5

    I have 2yrs old child....been sufering with her from the fiest moment. She is extrem difficult child. She doubles any normal duty or job ...i mean changing nappy shouldnt take seconds but with her it takes me 20 mints....she is extrem rest....clever... she has a boring and teasing attitudes that she follows before eating, sleeping, changing nappy ...she turns my life and causes me nerve break on top my my depression. She doesnt let me sit fir 5 mints to rest durinv the day instead she comes a cross scratch me or annoy me and if i ignore her i get a smach on my eye or face .....she always make me cry badly...
    punishment doesnt work with her. I hate ight time because if her attitude.....each night we have to suffer 2 to 3 hrs for her to sleep. No matter what times she wakes up she sleeps after 11pm . Then i must tide up the flat, cook for next day, wash my self and watch tv the time i sleep its 3am. When she was born i didnt go out with her for 9 months because of her crying all the time. Now when i go out with her i must come bk extremly tired or angry or in tears because of her. I cant leave her a loane at home to watch tv or play... because i live on 6th floor with 2 big windows that i need to open to get fresh air so i dont trust her be near them . Is there a way i can claim dla for extra caring that affected my mobility because of her ? I have nerve problem that causes multi pains in my body ....caring for such extrem chikd made my health get worse 70% for past 2 yrs...i cry from my body pains. With her dla i might enrol her in private classes or make her more busy somehow.... pls advise.

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    DLA for a child relates solely to the care and mobility needs of the child, not the effect of the child on the parents.

    I can't see that a DLA claim is possible for your daughter. From what you say, she is badly behaved, but without evidence this is because she is physically or mentally disabled in some way, a DLA claim must fail. Even if you establish she has a disability, DLA Care component for a child is based on the additional care needs over and above a healthy child of the same age, which makes DLA claims for very young children difficult (for some indication of how difficult, see the previous discussion about a child with considerable extra care needs due to eczema).

    It sounds like the greatest need here is to access some sort of help. I'm no expert on sources of help for parenting a toddler - I'll leave that part of the situation to those with more experience.

    If you are struggling with your own care needs because of your parenting responsibilities, that may well be relevant if you ask Social Services to assess your care needs as a disabled person to see what help they can provide.

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    Take a look at the sites i have put up it will help you.

    I have had 6 kids, best i don't post about this!?

    But i will say this, kids are not easy at this age as they will need a lot of input from you at this have to get her into a routine thats good for you and her.


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    Having read your other posts, I believe you have health issues do you not, and these may possibly entitle you to claim DLA for yourself
    Please look at the links privided by marcus6
    Do you have a one 0,clock club in your area? these are wonderfull places to take an active child where you can relax a little safe in the knowledge that they can run around and play whilst you enjoy a coffee and a biscuit and maybe meet other mums
    Are you friendly with other mums with children of similar ages?
    Try to have fun outings with your toddler especially now as we have the weather for it and that will be gone in the blink of an eye, as will your baby,s toddler years

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    at this age ie 2 years old, you have to try and do things that will get her tired out this way she will have a nap at around 12 noon, but you must only let her sleep for an hour any more than that and she will not sleep at night, and then do some more things that will get her tired so when it comes to bed time she should sleep all night.

    as deebee said play school/club something like that will help you a lot, remember kids lean of us at this age!

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    hi if your flat is council you can have them to put window locks on them so you can open them and the child is safe they are free

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    The youngest child to receive DLA I know of was 3 years of age and only then as a severe/extreme case of disability. I think your best bet would be to speak to any Nurse or Social Worker involved in your child's care and ask them if they can put you in touch with a Benefits Adviser/Welfare Worker that could help you with an application for either yourself or child.

    Best of luck

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    My youngest child was ADHD, with other health problems. It is very hard work when a child has so much energy, does not sleep, has behavioural issues etc. I demanded that my child was fully assessed and once this had been done, a lot of avenues opened up for help and support. (I did draw the line at medication as I felt this was not for us, although it works for some)
    Try talking to your GP or Socail Services. Explain the detrimental effect it is having on your physical and mental health. Ask if your child can be assessed by a child psychologist/behavioural expert. A lot of children this age have endless bounds of energy and some behaviour problems and they grow out of it as they get older, but it could be the case that your child has underlying problems such as ADHD.
    As others have said, try to get to social events such as Mother and toddler groups, etc. If it is ADHD the child needs lots of stimulation and interaction. Also being with other children can help the child by learning to share, join in and use up some energy.
    I really empathise with your situation. I did not get a full nights sleep until my son was 10 yrs old due to his ADHD. I always felt exhausted, especially as I had 2 other children and worked at the time. But things did improve after assessment and support. I was able to cope with things easier just knowing it was nothing I was doing wrong and not that I was a bad mother with a "naughty child".
    I hope you get the help and support you need.
    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

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