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Thread: Outsiders - London Summer Picnic in Russel Square - This Saturday!

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    Outsiders - London Summer Picnic in Russel Square - This Saturday!

    Just xposting, promoting this, if anyone is interested in coming along

    I would like to invite you to — Join the Outsiders Club for their August picnic, in Russell Square, Bloomsbury in the London Borough of Camden.

    Outsiders is a UK based charity for people with varying conditions and disabilities of all kinds, aimed at bringing together individuals for friendship and promoting relationships.

    We will be picnicking in Russel Square on the Second Saturday of the month, August the 9th
    See below for maps and directions.

    We usually gather near or around the cafe then move on to one of the grassy areas.

    Bring food and drink to share if you can, otherwise the cafe has a large selection of food and hot and cold drinks, there’s usually plenty go go round

    Nearest buses to Russel Square

    Buses to Russel Square from TFL:,51.523077

    I believe there is a limited amount of disabled parking near the square in the Pay and Display bays, but that is yet to be confirmed. As it is in Camden, you may be able to refer to the Camden gov website.

    I know this is a bit short notice but I don’t think there’s been a London gathering lately

    More about Outsiders, I think their website is being rebuilt so bits may not be functioning.

    We also have a facebook group for members and friends so feel free to join if your on Facebook:

    Hope everyones had a good weekend

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    This Saturday folks. A wonderful chance to meet other randomly lovely, and some sexy, people

    Hope for good weather

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    There's no way I can be there, but I know Russell Square well. I hope the weather holds up and that you have a great day.

    When I fell ill in 1993, I lived just opposite Kings Cross station and commuted to Imperial College, where I was a student. These days, I don't live in London any more but am regularly at the National Hospital for Neurology, which is a couple of minutes away from Russell Square in Queen Square.

    Unless it has changed recently, you can use the accessible superloo at the north east of Russell Square (opposite the Post Office) free of charge with a RADAR key. Failing that, there's accessible toilets at the British Museum on Great Russell Street (I'm not sure there's level access to the British Museum from Montague Place), in Starbucks on Southampton Row and at the National Hospital for Neurology in Queen Square (go up the ramp and ask inside the main entrance for directions).

    Disabled parking in the area is quite tricky.

    You can only use the pay and display bays and meter bays in Russell Square if you have a Camden Green Badge or you pay - this restriction applies even on the weekend. Russell Square is in the Central London zone where the Blue Badge scheme mostly does not apply. In this area, a Blue Badge:
    • allows you to use the handful of bays displaying the usual "Disabled Badge Holders Only" sign - but there's very few of these
    • exempts you from being towed if you are not causing an obstruction
    • in Camden, you get one hour over the parking you pay for at a meter or on-street pay and display if you display a Blue Badge

    If you go to the east of Upper Woburn Place / Southampton Row and stay north of Theobalds Road without being on any of those roads, you're then outside the Green Badge area (there's a map on the Camden web site that shows the Green Badge area). The usual Blue Badge rules about being able to use meter bays and on-street pay and display bays without paying or time limit apply in this area. You can also use any residents bay without time limit in Camden outside the Green Badge zone - just display your Blue Badge.

    That said, parking in the area is not plentiful and I would avoid driving unless necessary. There are unlikely to be many free residents bays in this area at the weekend. There are three Blue Badge holder bays on Guilford Street, outside the Institute of Child Health. There's also three Blue Badge holder bays at the north of Queen Square, which is closer to Russell Square than the bays outside the ICH.

    An additional complication of driving into this area on a weekday is that Russell Square and the surrounding area are in the Congestion Charge zone. Unless you are driving a VED exempt vehicle or have registered with TfL for the 100% discount for Blue Badge holders, you have to pay. However, the Congestion Charge doesn't apply on Saturday or Sunday.

    It's much easier to travel in the central part of London using the buses if you can.

    All wheelchair users travel for free on London buses.

    Non wheelchair users from a London borough can use their Freedom Pass as usual.

    Non wheelchair users living in England but outside the London boroughs can use a disabled or senior citizen pass issued by any English council on a London bus under the usual English concessionary rules (0930-2300 Monday to Friday, any time at weekends or bank holidays). Their passes cannot be used on any other public transport in London - you have to live in London and have a Freedom pass to have free travel on the Underground, trams and certain rail services.

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    Thanks for that.

    I'll keep that handy, esp about the toilets, as the ones IN the square are pretty rubbish and no disabled as far as we could find.
    As it was a weekend, and in Camden, parking for those that came by car wasn't a problem.

    It was a great day, 2 wheelchair users, and about 10 of us I think. I'll put photos up at somepoint

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