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Thread: Will I have to inform DWP if I manage to pass my driving test?

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    Will I have to inform DWP if I manage to pass my driving test?

    I am currently claiming ESA and DLA and I am thinking about taking driving lessons. If the lessons went well and I managed to pass would this be a change in circumstances which I would have to inform them about? Or will the DVLA automatically inform the DWP that I have passed so they can review my claim?

    If anyone could help I would appreciate it.
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    The only way I can see passing your driving test being a change of circumstances is if it invalidates something you have said in your ESA or DLA applications. For example, if you said that concentration or multi-tasking was difficult, that you couldn't turn your neck, or that you have no use of your legs and feet whatsoever but you learn to drive without hand controls, then learning to drive might be a change of circumstances.

    If you have DLA higher rate Mobility and are thinking about having a Motability car, Motability will sometimes give a grant towards the cost of driving lessons, especially if you are a younger disabled person.

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    OK thank you for your answer. My awards were not based on physical limitations, more on mental health issues. I don't know if people who want to learn to drive are incapable of having mental health problems. I will have to get advice on this. I just wanted to know whether I am legally obliged to inform the DWP or would the DVLA share the information anyway in the unlikely event I managed to pass.

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    If you are unsure whether learning to drive would count as a change of circumstances in relation to your mental health, you should declare it.

    It might be a good idea to talk to your doctor about driving, not just about whether it's a change of circumstances for benefits purposes, but because some mental health conditions are declarable medical conditions to DVLA for licensing purposes.

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