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Thread: How can I manage without my benefits?

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    How can I manage without my benefits?

    Having discussed the proposed changes to our benefits in other Threads , I have come to one stark conclusion. We are all screwed! In the end I suspect most of us will lose something, some benefit or part of it. I think we have to be realistic on this, as much as it scares us.

    So what do we spend all this money on that we get now? What do we waste it on? How greedy are we?

    We are looking at being transferred to other benefits, having old benefits replaced with new ones that have different components to them which offer less money, limits out Housing Benefits, loss of gas & electric grants. What did I miss out?

    This house is huge, it has two bedrooms, a showerrrom, kitchen, living room & WC. This is too big for two people. I am sure it would cost less to have two separate one bedroom homes that one two bed! I think Social Services would be happy to adapt two new homes, it would not cost more than several thousand to do that. It is greedy of my mother & I to live together. We are being silly when we say we need each other to help the other one. What do they say, one can live as cheaply as two?

    I could spend less on heating the house. We are only in the house most of the day & night. We cannot move about much. I am sure if I turn it down freezing will not be that bad. The fact for my mother's room she has the heating on, an electric fire she uses that she turns off before she goes to bed, & a hot water bottle does not mean she cannot handle freezing. last time this happened in hospital & her fingers & toes bent so much they have to call the doctor in the night, as they were panicking as to what happened to her, is not a major worry.

    I could cut out some of the very expensive foods I buy, like the special offers I get because I cannot afford the full price. I do not really needs prepared foods, I could peel & cut more veg. I am sure a few more cuts on my hands will not matter. Nor dropping more food. I can risk spilling boiling water on myself, I only do that once in a while now.

    I can get more ready made meals, they are very cheap, so of course they must use the best ingredients in them. And we have not been told not to eat them, no one has suggested we should be eating fresher foods, less processed foods, less artificial foods, more organic foods, etc. So these meals should be OK.

    I can use a microwave very well, I have no problem with that. The fact I have problems piercing the film on ready made meals is not a problem, how many times can you prick yourself before it becomes an issue anyway? These meals are very easy to lift into the micro too, it is not like I spill them more than half the time. Then spill them the other half when I take them out. Being so hot when I spill them when they come out will be a good thing if I have turned the heating down, it will warm my hands up! I can afford to buy more when I spill them too, I will have the money, Cameron has made it clear that the money will be going to those in greatest need. This means I can buy about 3-4 times the amount of meals I need to eat to take care of the waste.

    I have one worry with all these ready meals though. I cannot recycle all those trays, that will be a shame.

    I can use taxis less. After all I need more exercise, & the fact I cannot walk far is not really a problem, I could just sit on the kerb. I will need to take a handrail with me though, to assists me in getting up & down. Will need a cushion too. I am sure my legs could handle that walking, so not sure why I get taxis now. I waste taxis, going to get food, I could carry the shopping. No, I could have it delivered, there is no need for me to go out then. I am sure less fresh air & sun will not be an issue as I get out at least twice a week anyway, well maybe once if I am not going out for food.

    Maybe not using the taxi to get to town & the other side of town for hospital appointments. There are buses, & as we have been told we have a great bus service in Leeds. It is only a 30-40 minute walk for me to the bus stop. Then anything from 1-60+ minutes wait for a bus, that they say is every 10-20 minutes. And of course the buses have steps, I could use a stairlift on them. They have those ones they lower now, & I have found that the drivers will do this if you ask them to, about half the time. The fact you can only get a seat on the bus about half the time is OK too. It is not like I am not able to stand, or grip the rails when the bus rushes around the corner.

    I could spend less on clothing. We all know that clothing for disabled people is very cheap! I do not actually need special footwear, I could go barefoot. That would mean I do not need special socks either, that would save more money. I do not need to change my clothing as often. It is not as though I need access to a toilet, & there are so many public toilets these days, at least 1 near us!

    I would save on soap powder too, & the amount of washes. I could use more deodorant to mask the smell. Ah, that costs though, well the amount I save on washing would still be more.

    Maybe if I buy paper plates, I could manage them, they are very sturdy of course, not flimsy at all. This would cut down on the amount of breakages I have. I do drop too many plates, cups, etc. This does costs me a lot of money. I could by plastic ones, as they are very strong! That means I could wash them again, & again.

    I do have special cutlery, cooking utensils, tableware, etc. Now, how would I save on them? I will have to think about that one. Mind you, as I would be dropping more food I would have less to eat, so need less of them. I would need more cleaning equipment & supplies though, to clean up the mess.

    Maybe I can buy different items than I do not. I drop glass jars, plastic jars, bottles, tubes, etc. This costs a lot of money for me in wastage. Maybe if I just buy tinned foods. They must make milk in tins, coffee, sugar, salt, veg they do, meats, fruit you can get in tins. Yes, I could do this. Ah, wait. I have a special tin opener, but how do I prevent myself dropping the tins after I open them, or when placed in pans/containers, plates, etc? Oh wait, I will be getting those very good cheap meals. Yes, spending about 3-4 times more on food than I am not. Well that is another problem solved. You think they make coffee in a ready made meal?

    Ah, yes, insurance. That is not too much, I have it for the house, appliances, etc. It is cover for the usual & because I tend to damage things I have extra cover. They do have to fix things a few times a year, not always because I accidentally damage it though. I do not need a dishwasher, it is a luxury. I can wash by hand, it is not as though I have any problems handling things or standing. I could wash the clothes by hand too, or spend £10 to get a taxi to the nearest launderette. I would not need a cooker if I am using the microwave.

    I could get rid of Cable TV, it is not like I am home more than 24 hours a day. I do not need a phone either, it is not like there are any emergencies, I could get a taxi to the nearest public phone. Oh wait, I cannot call a taxi if I do not have a phone. I could get rid of the Internet, that is a luxury, someone like me should not have that. It is not like I do not have a life. Nor do I need it to contact some services.

    There has to be other ways I can save. It does not matter if I spend more on things than I do now as they say it will be cheaper, & better for me, so I must be wrong on spending more money. We are all in this together & the rich are suffering too. They may have to sack some workers so they can make 7 figure incomes, cut down to only 9 holidays a year, suffer by paying their employees less, & domestic staff. They may have their taxes cut so they can earn more. Some have had to cut down on the amount they give to political parties, this is very terrible! I hear some may only get a few million in bonuses at the end of this tax year.
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