Hello from Rica. The survey is open until 11th August 2014.

Rica - an independent research charity - has been commissioned by the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) to look at how disabled people travel by rail within London.

We're conducting a survey of disabled people who get assistance at certain London stations without booking it in advance. The research will help ATOC find out whether these London stations would be able to operate a 'turn up and go' service in future - a service where assistance does not have to be booked in advance.

We would like your feedback if:

  • you recently travelled by rail (journeys from June 2014 onwards)
  • you went between two of the participating stations - see link below
  • you received assistance from a member of staff
  • and you didn't book this assistance in advance.

Important note: All train operators continue to advise that you book in advance to guarantee assistance with your journey. We are interested in people who get assistance on their journey without pre-booking, but we advise that you only make journeys that you feel confident about.

To find out more and to check stations are in part of the survey, go to: http://bit.ly/turnupandgo