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Thread: Right to die bill proposed by Lord Falconer - your views?

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    Right to die bill proposed by Lord Falconer - your views?

    I am not sure if this is a topic we are allowed to discuss in here. If it is too sensitive, then I will ask for it to be deleted.

    But, the reason I posted it is that I have actually been worrying about Lord Falconer's Assisted Dying Bill and what it means for my future as a disabled person. I think that if this law passes it will be a slippery slope.

    There are a few for and against debates:

    Disabled MP Tanni Grey-Thomson has spoken out against it

    What are your views?

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    I have always believed in the right to die as my health is getting worse i would like to know i could get my affairs in order then go to a clinic and go into a type of sleep and that be it. I think everyone should have that right after all people say it's cruel to let an animal suffer but not a human being. I don't think others should choose to take someone elses life just because they feel they don't have one and any documentation needs to make that clear but i think people who sign the right documentation at the start of their condition stating that this is their choice then why should anyone else dictate otherwise. No 2 people with the same health issues will have the same view or lifestyle 1 might have the family and financial help they need to get help, equipment, education etc but the other may not and just be stuck living mainly alone with little help and doing nothing so you could see why the 1 might want to live because maybe they have a life but the other is merely existing not living so they might choose death. That's my view safe guards should be put in place for those who can't choose for themselves, but for those of us that can then we should have that right..

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    I have always believed in having the right to die, only if that is what the person truly wants. At the moment, even though I'm in a lot of pain i have a lot of fight in me to want to live. If i was in Tony Nicklinsons (soz if spelling etc isn't right) position, i would definitely want to be able to end my life.

    I don't think the bill goes far enough, as far as i know, it says the drugs would be provided if the person could take them themselves. That would mean that Tony Nicklinson would not fit the criteria. Plus there are some people whose condition is not terminal but who have a really bad quality of life, they would not fit the criteria.

    The people i have known who unfortunately were diagnosed with terminal cancer wanted to live as much of their life that was left but wanted to be as pain free as possible. They would take more of their meds than was prescribed and one last, my last boyfriends mother wasn't even getting enough pain relief and i organised it through her Dr to get something better. These people just wanted to die in comfort, they didn't want to kill themselves but were quite prepared for the consequences if they took too much if their meds.

    So for me, it's all about quality of life and as long as it is fully understood that it is what the person wants then i believe they should be allowed their choice, however if there is any chance to make their lives comfortable, even taking more than the recommended daily allowance of medication, it us a only a recommendation, then that should be the first base before going straight for death.

    For those that would have no benefit or better quality of life from medication, no matter the quantity, i feel that they should be respected fir their choice and their wishes should be allowed. I'm sure that they didn't take the decision lightly.

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    A very emotive subject and I don't think anyone has got a right to pontificate unless they are at the sharp end. I read the two articles and feel for each opinion. The awful stories of those who were suffering and wanted to die to end their suffering.
    And yet the ethical opinion that no-one has the right to take a life, again, I support that opinion, as a believing christian.
    As Tanni Grey-Thompson said, many ppl feel they are a burden to their families and wish to end their lives for that reason. i don't think we can see this issue in isolation from the thorny issue of palliative care, the slashing of budgets in social care, (which puts MORE pressure on family to support a very sick person) possibly when they most need help.
    I really do feel that the whole system is geared to delaying any help. Its as if "why don't you die already?" your a burden on the tax payer, can't work yada yada yada.........
    Personally i would not commit suicide but would I change my mind if circumsatnces were different? I really can't answer that one

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