I found out recently that a secret DWP memo was leaked in February this year stating that all "Repeat" Work Capability Assessments that are due to be issued in 2014 are going to be automatically deferred for two years. I use the word "Repeat" because new claimants and claimants who report a change to their condition will still face assessments as normal.

Link to the initial story here http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/new...-to-be-stopped

Apparently these measures have been implemented because ATOS wants to end it's contract early and now the government is forced to find a new partner in crime for these (mostly ruthless) assessments. Does anybody know how long these deferments are going to last for? These WCA's going to be deferred for 2 years for all claimants who are due a WCA assessment for the rest of this year but what about next year, 2015?

Will these deferments continue into 2015 if the government struggles to find a quick replacement for ATOS and what about the general election in May 2015? Labour have said that they are going to overhaul the WCA.

I just wonder what people's thoughts are on this issue because these Work capability assessments cause a huge amount of stress to a lot of people.