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Thread: Do You Regularly Push A Bariatric Wheelchair? Now You Can Reduce the Strain!

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    TGA Mobility

    Bariatric Wheelchair Powerpack for Carers or Wheelchair Attendants

    If you are a carer or a wheelchair attendant then this power pack could reduce the stress and strain of pushing a heavier occupant. In this video Eric Cooper, TGA Powerpack Product Manager, explains why the TGA Wheelchair Powerpack is the first choice for many leading healthcare providers, carers, care home managers and disabled individuals.

    The new PLUS model has a 32 stone capacity and delivers the most effective, powered method to propel a manual, attendant controlled wheelchair and occupant.

    This assistive device eliminates the difficulties posed for carers when negotiating slopes, ramps or uneven surfaces and significantly reduces manual handling risks.

    For further details please call 01787 882244 or visit
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