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Thread: Swapping Road Tax over advice

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    Swapping Road Tax over advice

    Hi guys, I just ordered our Citroen C4 Grand Picasso on Friday, and was told it would be around 12 weeks wait. I just got a call today saying that they have tracked down one and I can have it next week

    The thing is I have the disabled Tax on my current car, which i am keeping.
    but do I keep that tax on my old car that runs out in feb, or do I need to take it off.

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    Though the system might not currently enforce it, you are only entitled to one VED exempt vehicle. The Motability car will be VED exempt, so you should relicence your old car in a duty paid class and pay for a tax disc.

    Once we move to the new electronic VED system with no paper tax discs, I expect the system will get better at cancelling the VED exemption when the underlying entitlement is lost. Certificates of Entitlement are now irrevocably bound to a single registration and must be cancelled and reissued if you change your exempt vehicle. When someone loses their Mobility component, enters Motability or changes their exempt car, I expect the old Certificate of Entitlement will be cancelled on the DVLA system, triggering the need to licence the car in a duty paid class, declare it SORN or dispose of it.

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    Thank you Flymo, I will tax it as soon as I get the new car.

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