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Thread: Hoping Ian Duncan Smith loses his job.

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    Hoping Ian Duncan Smith loses his job.

    I'm praying to God that ids loses his job in the cabinet reshuffle this morning and the scum bag goes back to where he belongs. Then loses his seat at the next election and joins the dole queue.

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    Is there even a chance he could be kept on? He is a disgrace to humanity.

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    Who's to say that his replacement will be any better? I doubt it.

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    He is staying unfortunately

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    Well they couldn't have been any worse. I hate IDS. No surprise he's staying; who'd want to step into those shoes!?

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    A worse option than IDS keeping his job would have been for it to be given to Esther McVey. That is one vile and uncaring woman.

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    Never heard of her and by the sounds of it I'm lucky not to have!

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    If he had gone, next one would want to make name, perhaps being tougher?

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    Is it a case of better the devil you know and not having a new brush sweeping clean and trying to impress the posh boy.
    I cant abide any polititians and as my old dad used to say they all pi.s in the same pot

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    Haven't seen hide nor hair of IDS for a while now, seems to be keeping off the radar.......

    And why on earth do they get six weeks off like children??? but then again they do act like school kids (especially at PMQ's) LOL
    Expect the worst and hope for the best!!!

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