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Thread: Lost my Esa in feb finding it difficult

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    Lost my Esa in feb finding it difficult

    Ok I will try and keep this as short as possible.

    I got moved from incapacity benefit to ESA.
    My ESA stopped this feb, I appealed my decision and tried to get put into the other group as I was in WRAG.

    My illness is Mental health problems, anxiety and not leaving the house without very close friends or family and a heavy drinker.
    I lost my appeal even though I scored 21 points. Why I lost it was very unclear and when I googled the reason I still couldn't understand.
    I'm was on very high amounts off medication which I had to stop at the end of feb, due to me not getting help towards my prescription and having only dla to leave on (lowest amount)

    My wife is expected to keep me, my dog and our two children, pay mortgage etc... on Just over £16k a year.
    She has just gone over the bracket off free school meal, free school travel and help with the uniform by just over £400 which would have been a massive help.
    We are in debt now due to her having to help me out financially and are getting CCJ's.

    I've been reading a few stories on here like my situation, like being afraid to go to the doctors and also getting another person to do the appeal for me (which my mum did).

    I just don't know what to do, I told my wife this morning I'm better not being here as it's no longer fair on her to have this strain on her.
    Of which she went daft at me.

    Just lost at the moment and feel like scum, Not Having my pills isn't helping either but we just can't afford now to pay for them.

    I feel worse now than I have ever done yet ESA thinks I'm fine :-/

    Is there any other help I could get?
    Thanks for reading
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    Sorry to also add to my above story, I was meant to go to the meetings at the Job centre and even my advisor said not to come and have the meetings as she couldn't possibly find me work.
    She even tried to help get in the other ESA group.

    I also can't claim JSA as my wife works over 24 hours. How's that fair?
    I am in no fit state to get a job anyway so its swings and round about's.

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    Sounds like your family has lots of things going on which is affecting your mental health.

    First, let's look on the positive side - your wife is employment and that has to be good for her well-being.

    Debts - when more money is going out and less coming in your family needs to get a grip on budgeting. If you have a mortgage go and see your mortgage lender and explain the situation. Make ure you don't miss any re-payments without permission.
    List all your families outgoings every month and then make difficult decisions on what you can cut out.

    See if you have any stuff in the house that you could let go and sell at a car boot sale or on Ebay.

    Look at any loans your family has taken out. How high is the APR.You might find it a good idea to visit a debt counsellor who might look at all your loans and consolidate them into one loan over a longer term to reduce monthly payments.

    To me you sound very low. You're feeling sorry for yourself and are lacking in confidence due to all the knocks you've had.

    It's easy for me to say but you need to change your mindset from being negative to positive. It won't happen overnight. Basically to give yourself a boost you need to start looking at what you have got not what you haven't. Material goods don't bring you inner happiness.

    Life is a gift not a right. Start to appreciate the simple things in life. A blue sky, wind and rain in your face, the smell of flowers, the sound of birds. A walk or ride in the countryside or by the canal. You are lucky as you are surrounded by all these things.
    If you were to live in Africa luxury would be a well or tap with running water - things we take for granted.

    Get out of this downward spiral. One way of feeling better about yourself is to help others less fortunate than yourself. It might be something simple like donating a few hours a day working at a charity shop. Are you able to do any gardening? If yes, you would build up your self-confidence and esteem by offering to do some gardening for older people who can't manage to do it themselves and that could bring some much needed money in.

    If there are any bars or hotels nearby where you could ask if they need any help in the kitchen area.

    The way to get out of this downward spiral is to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. It's not easy and only you can make it happen.

    You must try to concentrate on the positive side to move forward - only you can do it.

    I have faith in you - as the 'Nike' slogan says - 'just do it'.

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    I suggest you consult an advice provider such as a local authority welfare rights project (if you have one) or Citizen's Advice. They will be able to carry out a full entitlement check to see if there's anything you should claim or if there are any grounds for you to be moved to the ESA Support Group.

    Contributions Based ESA can only be paid for 52 weeks outside the Support Group, which is the limit you reached. You do not qualify for Income Related ESA because of your wife's earnings.

    You already have DLA, though it's possible there is a case for a higher award. This is a complex area, not least as reporting a change of circumstances in some parts of the country triggers a migration to PIP.

    You might be able to get free prescriptions via the NHS Low Income scheme.

    Your wife might qualify for Child Tax Credits if she doesn't already have them. If she does already have them, has she reported the end of your ESA payments to the office dealing with Tax Credits? You may now be entitled to more help.

    My apologies that this is only an outline answer, but it is impossible to give detailed advice in a forum context.

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    Cheers for the replies.
    Yeah she gets child tax credits, but not the working part due to the amount she earns.

    She's at work worrying about me and texting, I'm not going to do anything silly.
    My mind set is strange at the moment with all the panic about how little money we have and me being the cause of it.
    I think we pretty much get what we are entitled to, like help with council tax.
    Hate feeling like I rely on benefits, and the little I did recieve helped a long way. Just to have it all removed and having no prospects is really getting me down.
    My mum always tries to say theres people alot worse off than me, which is true.
    People seem to think that when you do get benefits you're a millionaire. All these programmes and news paper articles never helped either. Hate being what I was.

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    Only time I ever leave my house is when my wife forces me to go shopping.
    I've also been trying to flog things on ebay to raise a few funds but run out of thing's now lol.
    I got my little dog to try and take my mind of things but I do have to much time on my hands and yes it is a downward spiral.
    Just seems that a mental illness is not an illness within the governments eyes.
    As for the budgeting side of things I've registered with cashflow so when I get ccjs I fill the form out and also include my cashflow report in as well.
    Just trying not to put my head in the sand.
    Just feeling guilt at the moment, but reading of people's stories and knowing I'm not the only one helps.
    Feel terrible on my kid's when you're having to watch the pennies.

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    Hi welcome to the forum
    I too suffer from mental health as well as physical and know how hard it is I maybe able to force my painful body to get out the front door but forcing your mind is a whole different kettle of fish

    take flymo's advise and get in touch with your local authority and see if they have a welfare worker
    have you looked at the support group descriptors to see if you think you could be put there?
    it may be worth you seeing your GP as all this stress won't be doing you any good and if your condition has significantly got worse you can ask for a reassessment
    wishing you all the best xx

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    Yeah I'm going to go this week with my wife. Can't carry on like this hopefully they will point me in the right direction.
    They will see I've not been for a while and also that I've not been getting my medication.
    There's a lot of people in the same situation. It should never have been able to come to this with our government.
    Thanks for all the kind words as well :-)

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    Geebee00ner. I'm in a similar situation as yourself. Anxiety and Agoraphobia etc. Pip, if claimed properly is actually better for us people with mental health issues than DLA. As an example I was on Lower for both mobility and Care on DLA. On appeal for a higher rate, which I couldn't attend for obvious reasons, I was informed that nothing much was wrong with me. I claimed PIP and after much, much messing around I was awarded Enhanced for both elements. You may not be as messed up as I am, but it's still worth having a go.

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    Your situation isn't at all uncommon, the last statistic's I saw showed there were over 460,000 in the same boat, no comfort I know but you can see your not alone in this.

    Your first priority is to restart your medication, contact your GP or local chemist and ask for the form for free prescriptions. With further regard to your personnel condition, when your feeling so low about yourself, try this; Bath/shower, shave and fresh cloths - then most importantly, fresh air - get out has much as you possibly can.
    I suffered Clinical Depression for many years and this, while it isn't a cure, I found to be an immense benefit and probably the most beneficial thing I did throughout those years. My situation then was much the same has yours is now, married,two young kids, mortgage etc, I'm not without it's scars but I did come through it and while it never completely goes away I did then learn how to manage it.
    If you don't already have one, try and gain/or investigate an interest like walking, fishing or bird/nature watching, all which allow you to vary your location day to day. Get hold of or borrow a cheap pair of binoculars and get a loan of a basic guide book from your local library so you know what your looking at to start you off.
    This can help believe me as it allows you to train your mind and focus on things other than your domestic situation allowing it to rest and mend.

    With regard to your benefits situation
    You need to follow the advice of Flymo above, start by contacting a professional benefits adviser or if you have contact with a Mental Health Team ask them to put you in touch with a Welfare Worker, also make an application for Working Tax Credits (WTC's) for the wife.
    Most importantly, from what you say above you are still on ESA in the WRAG albeit at the nil payment rate,
    do not close this claim. Do everything that they require of you as there is always a possibility of obtaining renewed payments should you be found to qualify for a Schedule 3 Descriptor at your next reassessment or the unfortunate scenario should your wife/partner become unemployed.

    If your unable to find an Advice Worker come back to this thread.

    Good Luck.
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