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Thread: Hi Everyone..

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    Talking Hi Everyone..

    I am 79 and have had quite an active life until the last 10-12 years when my back became very painful due to being spinabifida and now having arthritic problems as well.
    I was recently in hospital after collapsing while I was out shopping and they eventually fitted me with a pacemaker.
    I now find it very difficult in the mornings particularly to get up and get moving so lots of strong pain killers are the order of the day. I do have lots of other aches and ailments but I'll not bore you with them at the mo'

    Apart from all that I'm grand!..

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

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    Though I've already answered in another thread, hello - it's good to have you on board.

    Aches and pains are a familiar thing - it's a sign of living in a worn out body, I suppose. Fortunately, it doesn't stop my mind from working.

    I hope your pacemaker is helping.

    I know Norwich reasonably well, as I've spent quite a bit of time in Stalham and north Norfolk in general. I like your avatar - is that a Maltese?

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