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Thread: chronic pain back problem

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    Hope you get it sorted soon Mikey, as it's been a problem for you for a while now. Might be an idea for you to keep some of these dipsticks in the house so you can check for signs of UTI, and get something for it sooner rather than later.

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    Anyone who has an indwelling catheter and even regular intermittent catheter users may well have chronic asymptomatic bacterial infection. This may well cause the nitrite test to be positive, but is regarded as being of no clinical concern.

    The important thing is to recognise the symptoms of a clinically significant urinary infection as quickly as possible and start treatment.

    The "start treatment" part is fairly easy for me, in that I am prescribed a course of antibiotics to keep as standby, which I start on strong suspicion of a clinically significant urinary tract infection. Once you start you don't stop until you complete the course or a doctor tells you to stop - taking a partial course risks developing antibiotic resistant infection.

    The problem is recognising a clinically significant UTI early, ideally before it becomes pyelonephritis (a kidney infection, which makes you really ill). Like many with diminished sensation, I have very vague symptoms of infections, especially early on. It doesn't help that my muscle problems can cause similar pains to a UTI and especially a kidney infection. Couple this with a healthy desire to avoid antibiotics unless necessary and I'm often not that quick to recognise an infection, which makes it all the more helpful having standby antibiotics so I can start treatment immediately.

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    well from Saturday to now not feeling too good and managed to get an appointment with a g.p at my local surgery only for the plot to thicken as they say.

    the urine samples didn't grow anything in labs so uti was ruled out and apparently after having a c.t scan looking at kidneys and bladder by accident they found i have Diverticular disease gone on to Diverticulitis and am now on appropriate treatment so crossing fingers that things will at last settle down. (bladder and kidneys fine)

    one thing for quite a good few years before diagnosis was getting bouts of gut pain, bad bloating to name a few along with sickness so at last i know what is going on, thought it was simple i.b.s but now not the case.

    as for diet, well changed most of that quite a while ago but did have a bad past of take-aways to name a few.

    got to have some bloods done and will be looking at medication changes.

    mike, hoping to get better soon until next bout

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