Hi All,

I run a not-for-profit company with the aim of educating employers around employing staff with disabilities and what (and how) they need to support their staff. This work of course throws up some obvious issues with current legislation and so I have a very good relationship with the Minister of Disabilities because of this. One of the pieces of work I would like to progress with parliament is a piece of legislation enforcing employers to comply with guidelines so that fewer people are put through unnecessary stress and difficulties because of their disability. As an MS patient myself, I have seen first hand the issues that people with disabilities face.

I would appreciate your help in highlighting the issues that need to be raised with parliament, so that I can start to fight for a more fair (and stress-free!) working environment for those of us with disabilities.

Please feel free to drop me a line regarding issues you have faced so I can present a full argument with my MP when I meet with him next!

Many thanks.