Hello, I am new here. I have been told by my employers that they feel I am no longer able to do my job and they have asked me to go down the medical retirement route. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have had several joint replacements and will need more surgeries. My work have been wonderful and this is a sad day for us all but to be honest I don't blame them as I have had a lot of time off following surgery, many ongoing hospital appointments and I increasingly struggle when I'm at work. I'm a teaching assistant and have worked for them for 18 years. I will have a pension from them which is currently being worked out, and I get a pension from my late husbands employers of £460 a month. I get the lowest level of care DLA and have no savings. Does anyone know if I would be entitled to any benefits? I will go and see Citizens advice but want some figures in my hand from work before I go, but I'm not sleeping with the worry that I will only have around £700 a month to live off which would barely cover my direct debits. I would be so grateful if anyone has any advice.