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Thread: Sleep aponea and DVLA

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    Sleep aponea and DVLA

    Relative has been diagnosed with a mild case of sleep aponea. She has never fallen asleep at the steering wheel. She was referred to the clinic because due to her weight she wants an operation for gastic band. Doc suggested that she need to be checked for sleep aponea before they consider operation.

    After some tests she went to see the consultant. Consultant told her that she needs to inform DVLA that she has a mild case of sleep aponea and she is responding well to the treatment.

    She was wondering what DVLA will do. Will they take her licence away?

    Has someone else been in this situation?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    She must inform them because if she doesn't it will affect her insurance. They will send her a form to fill in, would advise her not to send her license back unless they ask. It will go through dvla medical screening and then hopefully she will get a letter from dvla saying they know of her condition but have cleared her to drive. I am speaking from experience, unfortunately I sent my license back and it took ages to get it back, I don't drive now but that's my preference, but if I had to I know I can. Hope that helps.


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    It sounds unlikely that DVLA will revoke the licence of someone whose consultant confirms a mild case of sleep apnoea responding well to treatment.

    She is required by law to declare her condition to DVLA - if she does not do so she potentially commits a criminal offence and invalidates her licence anyway, quite apart from the potential invalidation of her insurance. If her doctor raises no concerns with her continuing to drive, she can continue to drive whilst she waits to hear back from DVLA.

    I wish her well with her treatment, and hope she finds health benefits from getting her previously undiagnosed sleep apnoea treated.

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    Thanks for your replies. Will keep you posted of the outcome.

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    Just to add, I've got moderate sleep apnoea controlled by a CPAP machine. I'm far more awake and am pleased it was sorted. I did inform the DVLA and it doesn't affect your licence as long as you are continuing treatment. Sleep Apnoea is incredibly dangerous and can (and does) lead to horrific accidents - all preventable.

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