I know its a long way off and we haven't got too much idea what is going to be in each parties manifesto for 2015 but us disabled people add up to one heck of a lot of voters.

I was living abroad for over 5 years and lost touch with politics and anyway I wasn't disabled and being treated like a crook as I feel I am now.

1) Firstly I would like to ask if we, the disabled voters, have been better off in or out of Europe? I don't know what being in it has done or hasn't for those people living in Great Britain for the last 5 years.

Britain being in the EU did allow some benefits to be exported by those moving or living abroad (EU or Switzerland) from 2008 and back dated to 2006. Those benefits included DLA (And now PIP as long as you know who to contact and do not ask the PIP help desk!) Carers allowance and Incapacity benefit. And not forgetting the cold weather payment each year. (Rightly or wrongly)

It was Europe between 2006 and 2008 that forced the then Labour Government to accept the rule they tried desperately to ignore.

Being in the EU has also allowed returning Ex Pats to claim benefits without having to have lived in the UK for two out of the last three years. (As long as you know who to contact and do not ask the PIP help desk!)

EU rules also allow British ex pats returning from abroad (EU or Switzerland) to pass the Habitual Residency Test much easier than for instance EU immigrants. Enabling those Ex pats to get straight on the benefit ladder they paid in for all those years. (Maybe)

2) Has the coalition government been better for the disabled? Have the Liberal Democrats kept the Conservatives plans for welfare reform a bit more firmly on the ground? (I'm just asking as I don't know) I did note the Lib Dems did get a reasonable result for low earners income tax rates including pensioners, many of them disabled. The £10,000 tax thresh hold.

3) Has anyone got any idea what labour might do to us if they get in alone? Again I don't know much but understand they were right behind the coalition's plans to overhaul the welfare system so disastrously and I don't see too many of them in the commons moaning about the results.

4) As for UKIP as a coalition party member (Cant see it) what's going to be in their manifesto for the disabled? From memory they thought in 2010 we were just a bunch of lazy so and sos.

So please share your thoughts and educate me on what I might have missed over the last 5 years plus.