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Thread: Don't you just love hospital parking!

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    Challenge parking tickets

    Hi all, my update doesn't seem to be posting so i've reposted it here

    An update!

    Thank you to Flymo for his suggestion to check out the pepipoo website. I also researched using Parking Cowboy, CAG, moneysavingexpert and one or two others whose names I can't remember. I fully enjoyed doing the research and it was very enlightening. Anyone studying law has my utmost respect.

    I followed the advice and my soft appeal was rejected and a POPLA code given. This so far has cost Liberty Printers aka Car Parking Partnership, about £30. I wrote and sent in, online, my "appeal" using Genuine Pre-estimate Of Loss, Signage, no proprietary interest in the land and no standing, failure to establish 'keeper liability' under PoFA 2012.

    Today I have received an email from POPLA stating that the parking charge has been cancelled by Liberty Printers and therefore the Lead Adjudicator has allowed the appeal.

    I urge anyone issued with one of the speculative invoices to challenge the ticket. i am quite happy to share my submission to POPLA. In fact I am quite proud of it.

    I will be telling PALS, my local MPs (one of whom I used to work with), the parish council, posting on facebook, and telling anyone else i can think of.

    These car park operators are charlatans and cowboys at best!

    BTW Richard, I won't make any mistake when parking, ever again!
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