Could not find the best topic so I have posted here - apologies to moderators if I have posted in the incorrect place.

My question is, if there is a grant available for CCTV. I ask on behalf of a disabled friend, who has had her car window broken for no apparent reason. Further, her previous cars have had scratches on them from thugs.

I have tried to look on the internet but have found nothing, just wondering if anybody has any knowledge in this area.

She has had enough of fixing her car due to idiots who vandalize her car for no apparent reason and the cost of CCTV is prohibitive to her (She is on ESA/DLA).

I have posted in here and the drivers section to ensure maximum exposure (Note to moderators - if you feel that the duplicate thread is unwarranted please remove it)

Thanks in advance.

As there are 2 threads to enable maximum exposure, could all replies take place here, on the other thread: http://www.youreable.com/forums/show...Grant-for-CCTV