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Thread: Received my award letter this morning.

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    Received my award letter this morning.

    It was very enlightening and really helps to understand what points I made were relevant and a few surprises too.

    from no points for either category I received a total of 35 which was 19 for care and 16 for mobility. It is in place until February 2016. I was surprised it was for that long as even though my neurologist confirms I have neurological weakness I have yet no 'diagnosis label' and I am in that frustrating land of 'see you again in 6 months and see what has developed' So putting a time scale on this would be very difficult.

    My biggest surprise was receiving 12 points for being able to walk less than 20 meters. Although it is true I can not I found this one the most difficult to explain in writing. I think though what helped was that I explained it in terms of what the assessor wouldn't have been able to see or know. So taking Flymo's advice I explained that I understood why the assessor would have given me no points for this during the assessment but that just getting out of my chair and taking two steps to a couch is very different to the reality of my day which I went on to explain.

    As Flymo told me not blame the assessor or the assessment I wrote in the following terms which I think helped massively:-

    What I failed to explain to the assessor
    What I didn't make clear
    What the assessor couldn't have possibly known
    What the assessor wouldn't have seen

    Thank you again

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    For those who haven't been following, the initial decision gave 0 points, and Helen learned a few days ago that reconsideration had given her the enhanced rate of both components.

    This is great news.

    It sounds as if you are happy with the descriptors and points awarded for the various activities. It's certainly useful to see what the decision maker made of your descriptions. Is there anywhere you think you weren't assessed as highly as you expected?

    "Moving around" can be quite tricky to explain, though I used the same approach I did elsewhere in my document.

    I started by describing the issues I face with walking under the headings I used throughout the document ("Sensory", "Muscular", "Fatigue", "Pain"), which included a lot of 'facts and figures' - distances, times taken and ability to repeat what I've done.

    I then had "The effects of terrain" (I'm more likely to stumble and fall on uneven ground) and "Aids" (where I discussed my powerchair use and how I use a stick when not in the chair).

    I then ran thought "Safety" (falls and stumbles in this case), "As often as necessary" (how my walking ability tails off during the day and becomes inadequate for my needs), "How well can I manage?" and "The time it would take me".

    I finished up with "The legal test", where I summarised the position in relation to each descriptor. Here's what I wrote under that heading:
    I can always stand and walk at least 1 metre.

    At least six days a week, I can stand and move more than 1 metre but no more than 20 metres safely and as often as necessary. It is rare for my ability to walk safely and repeatedly to exceed 20 metres, even with a walking stick. My walking typically slows dramatically by 15 metres to around a third the speed of a well person.

    On no more than one day a week, I may be able to walk a little further than 20 metres with a walking stick, but it is unlikely I could walk that distance safely and repeatedly.

    I may rarely manage to walk more than 20 metres unaided, but this would only be possible no more than twice a month, and only once in the day rather than safely and repeatedly. It is rare for my unaided walking ability to be much above 15 metres.

    On very rare occasions, I might manage to walk a little over 50 metres with a walking stick. I would only manage this once in the day and would expect to manage this once a month at most.

    The length of your award seems to be a reasonable balance between the current medical uncertainty and giving you some stability. When the time comes to renew, you will have all your explanations from this time to build on.

    If we are still using paper PIP2 forms when you are renewing, there's nothing stopping you sending a separate printed document back with the form containing your explanations, then writing "See attached document" on the form itself. So long as the enclosed document has your name and NI number not it, and makes it clear where the answer for each question is, the assessor and decision maker should have no problem finding their way around.

    You should have well over a thousand pounds headed your way - indeed, you might already have the back money in your account.

    If you don't already have a Blue Badge, 8 points or more on "moving around" (you have 12 points) entitles you to a Blue Badge without a further assessment. I recommend applying online - the linked post contains links for each part of the UK.
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