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Thread: A Great Opportunity to Reach the Disabled Community

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    A Great Opportunity to Reach the Disabled Community

    We have an exciting opportunity available to advertise to a readership of 45,000 whilst simultaneously supporting our charity, The Wheelchair Dance Sport Association. We have recently agreed with Momentum Magazine (THE magazine for disability sport) that we will have an 8-page spread (Wheels Matters) in every other issue of the magazine and a one page supplement for the issues where we do not have the 8-page spread.

    We have advertising opportunities available for both of these. If you are trying to engage with the disabled community then there is no better way than advertising to disability sports groups. By doing this you reach more than just disabled individuals, as you are interacting with small communities allowing far greater potential to spread the word of your company.

    If your advert is successful in selling your product/service to a single member of a sports club, then the interest that is created by word of mouth in that sports group can be an extremely powerful tool to successfully market your product/service.

    If you are interested in pursuing this wonderful opportunity please either reply to this e-mail or contact Rob Devitt ( at Momentum magazine quoting ‘WheelsMatters14’.

    The costs are as follows:

    The minimum costs to get involved in the magazine are as follows:-
    Double page spread, in full colour £995 + VAT
    Full page(A4), full colour £795 + VAT
    Half page, full colour £495 + VAT
    Quarter page, full colour £295 + VAT

    Kind Regards,
    George Boustred
    External Relations Officer
    If you’d like to stay up to date with information from us please click here to subscribe to our newsletter

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    I always find anything that refers to ‘the’ disabled . . . a little uneasy as it suggests a ‘us and them’ mentality. It also infers that you are more likely than not a ‘non-disabled’ person wanting to profiteer from ‘the’ disabled.

    From a media point of view there is a difference between readership or ‘opportunities to view’ (45,000) and printed copies or circulation that’s quoted as ‘delivered to’ 30,000 individuals, doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, active living centres, care homes etc.

    In other words this is not actually a targeted publication to sports clubs at all but you are using a ’scatter gun’ distribution method in the hope that a disabled person might pick up a copy and that the advertiser just so happens to be promoting something of interest - very hit and miss marketing strategy.

    You’ve quoted the space as needing VAT. You might find that the publication is actually VAT Zero rated unless you want people to donate the VAT to your organisation. pageVAT_ShowContent&id=HMCE_CL_000123&propertyType =document#P35_2631

    Will the insert/publication be mentioned in ‘BRAD’ with a ‘certified’ circulation figure? You’ll find most media planners use this ‘Bibile when planning a media campaign that is normally planned out a year in advance not in an ‘ad hoc’ manner as you seem to be indicating.

    If your pull-out is printed 6 times a year you may want to include discounted prices for organisations who wish to take the same half page advert in each issue.

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    I'd be interested in more about WDSA, following my spin at MSLife 2014....but i have no desire to subscribe a magazine (money is TIGHT on DLA), ESPECIALLY when you have a website

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