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Thread: Capita have now closed the case

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    Capita have now closed the case

    Hi everyone,

    I've just rang Capita who have now confirmed the report has been finalised, closed and sent it off to the dwp. Pretty quickly really considering it was four weeks tomorrow since she came round.

    I was of the understanding that once the report was closed eith capita, if you ring them then they can tell you what the assessor has advised the dwp they think you should be awarded. But, i just rang Capita who said they wouldn't know what the report suggests. They advised at the moment only the electronic report has been sent.
    I rang the dwp and they said they don't yet have the report?

    Also, because the electronic report was only sent Friday, will it take a while for it to show on the system?

    Thanks in advance x
    How quickly till they send the hard copy? Because I requested one in writing which capita have confirmed they have, should I get the report at the same time?

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    It can take up to 10 days for a report to show on the system, apparently - at least that's what I was told by the DWP. It needs to be processed, then picked up by a decision maker.

    I waited 5 weeks to get a decision after Capita sent the report off.

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    Excellent, at least the ball is rolling now.

    Thanks flowerangelx x

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    It seems that the assessment providers still don't have a secure link to the DWP's computer systems, so they send a non-confidential summary electronically, and post the full report to DWP's scanning centre in order for it to be scanned into the system. All this takes a week to ten days.

    There are reports of people getting access to their assessment reports prior to the decision being made, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Once the full report is on DWP's system, a decision is often made within a few days, which means there is little you can do to influence the initial decision at this stage.

    Hard as it is, I believe the best thing is just to sit back for a few weeks and let things happen. You have the option of reconsideration and then appeal to a tribunal if you are unhappy with the outcome.

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    Thank you both for replying. I'll just have to wait it out It's agonising.

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    My electronic report was sent by my assessor on a Friday, as promised, and was showing with the DWP the following Monday. This was with Atos and I do not know if there is much time difference between the two.

    All the best,

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    Thanks twintastic.

    I got on to the dwp for an update and they said they had received nothing from Capita, so I rang Capita who insisted they had sent it over.
    In the end I got my MP'S office to ring both parties and the dwp confirmed they did have it but were waiting on the paper copy.

    I rang them yesterday and they have confirmed it's with s decision maker and I will hear within 3 weeks.

    For skme reason I've not had my copy off CAPITA that I asked for.

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