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Thread: Short break - nice to get away, shame about the caravan and park.

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    Short break - nice to get away, shame about the caravan and park.

    We had our mini holiday last week and whilst it was nice to get away, we were extremely disappointed with the caravan and the park itself.

    We went to Abergele in Wales from Tuesday to Friday. We were really looking forward to a few days away.

    Unfortunately there were a lot of things that could have been better. When we first went into the caravan, we noticed a puddle of water on the kitchen floor. We thought, maybe the cleaner had not mopped it properly, but it turned out that when it rained, water was coming in from the vent in the ceiling. We had to put a bucket on the floor to catch the water. The fridge and microwave were in need of a clean. The bedlinen had stains on it, which was bad enough, but then we noticed several hairs on it as well. Yuk!!! The caravan had 2 doors to get in but only one of them would open. The lounge carpet needed a deep clean or better still, replacing. The blinds in the kitchen and bathroom were filthy.

    We went to Llandudno for a few hours on the Wednesday which was lovely. When we got back to the caravan, I was exhausted and needed to lie down. No chance of that. The caravan behind us was having a verandah fitted. There were half a dozen workmen doing the job. They had a radio blaring, drills, saws etc making loads of noise and they were shouting and swearing.

    When we made the booking, we were not told that the facilities would either not be open or only open for one evening. The shop was only open for 2 hours each morning, the club did not open until 4pm, no entertainment at all. The restuarant was only open for one evening during our stay. Amusements closed etc. Even when we checked in we were not told about this. Whilst we knew that facilities might be limited as it is not high season, we thought that some things would be going on.

    Reception was not open when we tried to go and talk to them about things. So, I left a review on their Facebook page. I had a reply yesterday asking me to contact them with booking details etc. They want to "restore my faith in their park".
    I am going to pursue it as I feel very let down. Having worked in this industry, I know how seriously the company I worked for aimed for customer satisfaction. People expect a certain standard, especially where cleanliness is concerned.
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    I've stayed in places that have not been what they should be. It's horrible. Far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter where you stay if you've paid money the place should be spotless.

    Good luck with your complaint. Definitely write to them, so you have a record.

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