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    Customer Compliance Letter

    Out of the blue I have received a letter telling me to attend a Customer Compliance Office Interview at the Job Centre next Wednesday...I have absolutely no idea why I have received this letter as none of my circumstances have changed ... What's worrying me is I've read they can stop your DLA and have to apply for PIP even if completely innocent of anything fraudulent.
    Has anybody had a Compliance interview and lost there DLA but completely innocent ?..
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    If they had any intention of stopping your money they'd have probably said in that letter, that, they were suspending your payments until you've had that meeting. You could give them a ring on the number on that letter and ask them what it's about and if you need take any information with you on the day. That should set your mind at rest, I believe these sort of meetings happen quite regularly.

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    Phoned the Customer Compliance Officer today for some info..turns out my bank has told the Inland revenue I have over £9K in a ISA account
    Infact I've never had that kind of money in a ISA, most I've had is £100 and that was over 5 years ago the account was closed about then too..Anyway the CCO didn't believe me ..So I have to try and get to the bank and get the proof that I've never had the money in my account.. Bloody trouble and expense because of some numpty's mistake.. Updates to follow..

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    At least it's something relatively simple to sort out. Once you've proven to the CCO that you don't have the 9k savings it'll be sorted.

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    If you can't sort it out directly with the bank and get them to give you a "to whom it may concern" letter confirming you don't have the disputed sum, you might need to send the bank a subject access request under the Data Protection Act 1998 in order to get a copy of your records.

    Make sure you insist on your right under the 1998 Act to have any incorrect information in the bank's records corrected.

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    I would also make a strong complaint to the bank manager

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    Off for the interview tomorrow with these jokers .. Have got the proof I've never ever had £9K in a ISA account... I will be finding out who has made this stupid mistake to cause me grief and sleepless nights and will be putting in a formal complaint.. Will update tomorrow.... !!!


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    It might not be the banks fault. The IR can make mistakes transposing numbers and NI numbers. Don't go mad at the bank manager until you find out where the mistake lies.

    If the IR have made a mistake you can make a complaint, but think you might find out they're pretty like Teflon covered even when they cause delays and mistakes. And if you call the IR pls remember all calls are recorded and kept. Stay calm at all times.

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    Welp I went to the job centre for the compliance interview and what a farce, took my ISA statement that they wanted to see and no sign of the £9.7k the revenue oafs said I had... Next thing they wanted to see was my bank current account statements going back 3 years I only took the current plus 3 months as no one said they wanted to go back that far. Really seemed a lot of confusion going on with the compliance woman not knowing what she wanted to see.... Anyway at my expense I have printed off 40 odd pages of historical bank statements and sent them in... Hopefully that's the end of it... Really made me feel guilty until I could prove meself innocent..!!!

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