I've been having a bit of a nightmare choosing a seven seat car within my budget. There is a lot of choice and I have spent a fair bit of time looking and trying out some.

I thought I'd finally settled on a Citroen Grand C4 Picasso Hdi 115 Airdream ETG6 in VTR+ trim (what a mouthful)! I managed to get to a dealer (Citroen London West) that had one and had a decent look. The car itself is well thought out, with decent size seats and a simple conversion from 5 to 7 seats. It's got a bit of space behind the third row when they are up and the car feels very airy and spacious. Specs and tech are very high and hence my problem. Firstly this one was keyless, the dash lights up when you open the door - flashing the "push brake and press start" message! All the controls are on a touch screen aside from a massive amount of controls on the steering wheel. I'm not sure I like it - too much tech making the car feel very impersonal. The nail on the head for me was being told that the mobility guy had just ordered one for the customer and there was a 10 to 12 week wait for delivery.

This has killed my plans. My old Zafira was due to be returned to the finance company on wednesday under the Voluntary Termination right on my finance agreement. This would allow me to get rid of the car before it's MOT, Insurance and required major service was due at the end of the month. But I can't order a car before my licence comes back from DVLA (3 year expiry + photo) and I can't be 3 months without a car. I'm going to have to keep my current car for a bit longer and pay out for all the things it will need.

I saw my ex partners new Focus Titanium Nav 1.6 Powershift yesterday, and while a 5 seat car is no good for me it was exceptionally well finished inside. This is turning my head back towards the Grand C-Max which even in Zetec form has quite a few goodies from the Titanium spec on the standard C-Max. I'm just not sure if the third row is big enough for the few times I will have to use the two seats. The child seat must go on a full size second row seat. The narrow seat should be ok for my 6 year old so only one of my larger teens would need to use a third row seat. The S-Max Zetec seems very spartan inside - I guess it's meant to be a more luxury model and it certainly is lovely in Titanium S spec.

The only other niggle is fuel consumption...

So it's back to the Zafira Tourer (bluetooth = £200)!! I managed to buy a cheap Aldi radio/cd/mp3/bluetooth for £45... or a Ford ? - Max.

Any thoughts anyone!