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    hi i got to put a new bathroom in not got a lot of money i heard something about dont have to pay tax on it is that right any help please

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    I know if you get mobility aids you don't have to pay tax but not sure about things like a bathroom.

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    Hi Wetlook

    We,ve had 2 bathrooms refitted to suit my wife's needs and each time we didn't have to pay VAT. You do have to sign a declaration that says you qualify for the VAT relief. It's the same is purchasing mobility aids etc as Tooyoung says.

    It might also be worth approaching your local authority to get an OT assessment and a financial check - if your income/savings is low you could qualify for a grant to get the work done.
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    Hi Wetlook,

    The following organisations will be able to answer your questions:
    - VAT exemption line: 0845 302 0203
    - Turn2us: 0808 802 2000 (a charity that gives advice about grants).


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    thank you will have a look

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