It's best to get detailed advice from an advice provider who can sit down with you face to face. I don't have the information in front of me to make detailed calculations.

Your husband cannot claim JSA as he is not actively seeking work, and he can only claim Carer's Allowance for looking after you if your daughter stops receiving it (only one CA claim is allowed per award of a qualifying disabled benefit). Those in full time education are not normally entitled to Carer's Allowance, so your daughter might already have stopped receiving it.

You would be able to claim ESA if you have the necessary NI contributions for Contributions Based ESA and/or income and capital (both assessed jointly with your husband) low enough for Income Related ESA.

If your husband is entitled to Carer's Allowance, he should claim it. If you are entitled to means tested benefits, you then have a choice whether you claim Income Related ESA or your husband claims Income Support as a carer.

Income Related ESA will give you a little more money and will give you class 1 National Insurance credits which, amongst other things, count towards your state Retirement Pension entitlement. You would have to undergo the Work Capacity Assessment if you claim ESA, though you've already got through the much more involved PIP assessment process. There may be enough in your PIP assessment report for you to be placed in the ESA Support Group without assessment, though I cannot promise that will be the case. There isn't always good alignment between the daily living and mobility focused PIP assessment and the workplace focused ESA assessment.

Anyone receiving Carer's Allowance gets class 1 National Insurance credits.

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Help both depend on low income and capital (again, assessed jointly with your husband). Housing Benefit may not meet your full housing costs because of the Local Housing Allowance rules, also you may be living in a larger property than the Housing Benefit rules say that you need. Each council sets their own Council Tax Help system, which often does not fully cover Council Tax.

It makes little difference which one of your claims these benefits, though if one of you claims a means tested DWP benefit it may well be easier for the same person to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Help.

I would encourage your husband to consider part time working if that is viable, potentially alongside council funded care, but the pair of you know what is truly viable. If you can't cope without him as your constant carer, there is little alternative to him giving up work.

My health is really poor at the moment - I've barely been out of bed for a fortnight. Unfortunately, there's no clear evidence of what is wrong, so there's no clear rationale to call a doctor. There is weak evidence I have a respiratory infection, which would be bad news indeed, but the mild symptoms I currently have may well not develop into anything.