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    Bath buddy bath mate

    Mother in law has inflatable bath buddy which has lost one of the suction feet / the small connection has come out (it's not exactly clear). I'm a long distance away - does anyone know if it's possible to replace and/or put back a suction foot and will it matter if it can't be repaired?

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    Hi Millie

    I've never used 1 & to be honest, had never heard of them till now. I do know that you can buy suction feet for shower chairs, so I see no reason why you wont get them for what you need. I've no idea of the cost, but if they're an essential aid, I can't see why you wont get them on the NHS.

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    Has she or you contacted Social Services about this? If this was bought, you could look online, see if parts are available for it, contact the supplier or manufacturer. Has she been assessed for assistance & adaptations at all by Social Services?
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