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Thread: The digital world - Big Data

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    The digital world - Big Data

    Whether you are for or against technology - it's here to stay.

    Today Curry's / PC World and The Carphone Warehouse are merging because they see the future in tablets/ smartphones and Big Data.

    What's Big Data? Basically number crunching. In real life it will open up new opportunities to do stuff more efficiently and effectively.

    The question is will this have an affect on our social lives? Will we become more insular?

    Here's a taste of what is happening for good or bad.

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    I finding new things on tablet and computer every day. I cannot keep up.

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    Big Data is very fashionable at the moment, and whilst there is some great new technology out there it isn't a new concept. Processing huge amounts of data has been done for years, the difference now is that the power to do it is easily available.

    One key aspect of big data is the processing of unstructured data, for example social media; twitter, Facebook etc. Imagine if you were buying something and wanted to analyse every review ever written, all that text, and to do this in seconds or a few minutes.

    Alternatively, how about everything you type online, everywhere you go, everything you buy being analysed and monitored, either by big business or the state! (Hello Mr FBI man..........)

    I'm looking at Big Data at the company I work for to determine what role it'll play and how we implement it. Its an interesting area.
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