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Thread: freedom pass query

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    freedom pass query

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    I presume you are going down the route of -

    6.who have a learning disability, that is, a state of arrested or incomplete development of mind, which includes significant impairment of intelligence and social functioning.

    I can't find any information regarding your query, however have you thought about applying for DLA form your son (if he is under 16) as he may be entitled to High Rate Mobility through the arrested development route.

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    If I remember correctly, deebee's son is nearly 16, so it's arguably not worth trying to make the "arrested development" argument now in relation to DLA, which is not that straightforward in cases of autistic spectrum disorder. At the very least, it would be necessary to check the case law in relation to "arrested development" and ASD.

    Considering the limited time deebee's son will have remaining on DLA, it's arguably more profitable to save the energy for reassessment to PIP once he reaches 16.

    There's no direct link between DLA or PIP and the entitlement to concessionary travel under s. 150 Transport Act 2000 (Greater London) or ss. 146-168 of the same Act (remainder of England and Wales).

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