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Thread: WE need your help as we need evidence about assistive technology:

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    Red face WE need your help as we need evidence about assistive technology:

    We would like to invite you to take part in the second stage of the research project if you have experience of using minor assistive devices (such as that provided for toilet, bath, bed, chair or stair transfers).
    The purpose of the second stage is to establish the appropriateness of the content and presentation of the written guidance for measuring for provision of minor assistive devices. It involves silent generation of ideas, small group discussion and voting and ranking in order to determine consensus. The group members will be expert occupational therapists and service users, like yourself.
    The group session will last up to 2 hours at the Disabled Living Foundation in London.

    Disabled Living Foundation,
    Ground Floor, Landmark House,
    Hammersmith Bridge Road,
    London, W6 9EJ

    Shirley Russell, project worker from the British Polio Fellowship and a service user, will be available to brief and prepare you before the group discussion. This preparation will take approximately 30 minutes. Shirley will also discuss any adjustments that you might require and her contact details are shown at the end of the email.

    The proposed dates for the groups are:
    10:30 13:00 14:00 16:30
    2nd of July
    30th of July
    31st of July
    1st of August

    We will also reimburse any reasonable travel expenses incurred for attending the session including expenses for participants travelling to London from anywhere in England. We will thank you for your participation with a 15 gift voucher at the end of the study
    The research team are members of the School of Health Sciences and Social Care, at Brunel University and the British Polio Fellowship. This research project has been reviewed and research ethics approval has been obtained by the Research Ethics Committee of the School of Health Sciences and Social Care at Brunel University and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS).
    If you would like any further information about the research project or your potential involvement in this second stage please contact one of the persons below. We can send you an information sheet with more information on it if needed.

    Shirley Russell (Project worker from the British Polio Fellowship and a service user) on 01953 451620 or by email:
    Dr Anne McIntyre (Lecturer in Occupational Therapy) on 01895 268798 or by email:
    Dr Anita Atwal (Senior Lecturer in Occpational Therapy) email:

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    I not able to go.

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    What is this doing in the "benefits" section?

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