Hi, my name is laura I'm 33 years old. I originally applied for PIP after 19 failed operations on my left shoulder for pain and Instability (3 being replacements), I now have no movement in my left arm or shoulder and the pain is unbearable, because it has been going on for so long it started to tell on my right shoulder ( all the soft tissues are swollen and inflamed, proven by ultrasound) and I have impingement in my left elbow that had recently started subluxing. I had also been diagnosed with CRPS. I have a adult social worker and OT from the local council who have applied for direct payments for help at home as I can not do a lot now. I applied for PIP in sept 2013 and finally got a date for a home assessment on my birthday (1st may) for May 13th.

The reason for this post is that since applying I was admitted into hospital on the rehab ward for assessment to to try and figure out ways round things I was no longer able to do due to my shoulders and elbows. Whist with the OT and trying to figure out how to get out the bath without using my arms or getting help from my 12 year old son my left knee subluxed (apart from them aching quiet a bit I had never had any problems), the physio see me after, confirming that's what had happened and that it was now not sitting in the correct position - I was given a leg brace to hold my knee while the muscles settled down, the physio told me this was due to my joint hypermobility syndrome and that when I got home later that day I needed to rest as I can not use crutches as I can not put weight through my shoulders. A couple of days later while hobbling to the toilet my right knee started subluxing and buckling, I called my physio who said this was a normal pattern in JHS and was again told to rest but to see if I could get my knees looked at, had an appointment at my local hospital with an orthopaedic consultant (who had previously operation on my shoulder) who has referred me to UCHL to see a specialist rheumatologist as he thinks I have a connective tissue disorder called ESDH.
I have informed the DWP and ATOS of these changes, but am worried as they are going to say there are now contradictions because obviously when I filled the PIP application form in my knees was not really a problem, but now they are a major problem.

Will I have to remove my knee brace and the support to bend them etc at my assessment as if there off my knees buckle and sublux

Does anyone have any suggestions as or what to do about this? Any advice would be much appreciated?

I look forward to hearing any advice.

Thanks in advance.