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Thread: Amazon - returning online goods - your experience.

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    Amazon - returning online goods - your experience.

    Generally I'm happy with Amazon. In the past deliveries have gone astray and when contacting Amazon they never query your issue but just send another item free of charge.

    Customer service is exceptional.

    Recently I bought a DAB radio from them and it arrived via the contracted retailer. Initially I didn't open the box but after I did I threw the packaging away as it was 'blue bin' collection day.

    Typically the unit lights up but you can't programme the radio to find any stations or iPhone - it's a dud - a blob sitting on my kitchen worktop gathering dust.

    Luckily, today Amazon, emailed me to 'star rate' the appliance. I gave it a generous one star as it looks nice despite not working.

    I was pleased to find that Amazon had contacted the supplier and got them to contact me by email to sort out.

    Customer feedback is important to retailers because if we don't tell them our good, bad or indifferent experience they'll never know how to improve the service.

    The downside is that I have the original unit packaging but not the outer brown box/filler it came in. This is where you wished you'd bought it from the local Curries retail shop - less hassle!

    What's your experience of returning online goods.

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    I am today returning a coffee machine that is jammed, I have had it around six months
    I already have the replacement,which arrived the day after I contacted them to tell them of the issue.
    Similarly, when my blender broke,they replaced that with no fuss
    The downside is, I have to take the broken one to one of their pick up points and none are in a particularly convenient location

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