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    Cool PIP Claim

    Hi, I'm new to this Forum, but would like to ask how long this PIP process takes ? I had a Total Laryngectomy on 31st December 2013 for Cancer of the throat. (Happy New Year) Removal of Voice Box and Larynx.

    Started application for PIP 5th February 2014, waited 23 days for a reply, asking one simple question. I filled in and returned the PIP2 form, which took an absolute age to complete. I returned the PIP2 form on 23rd March and have not heard a word since ..... Probably nothing new there, but my partner is working all the hours God sends to keep us afloat, as I've only been receiving SSP since December 22nd 2013. We have no other form of income and do not receive any Benefits of any discription..... Any advice would be gratefully accepted, as the ship is sinking fast with no means of Financial aid from anywhere !!!! Thanks in advance...

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    Hi mamaswoop welcome to the forum!

    You're looking at about 7 months from sending in your form to the assessment stage and then on average it's around another 8 weeks for a decision to be made.

    I applied back in October for mine and I've had my assessment this morning.

    You won't here anything regarding an appointment till around 3 weeks prior before the assessment and they will then write to you and text you your appointment date.

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    7 MONTHS !!! What do these people think we're living on while they "ponder" their decisions ? And no doubt I can't get any help with anything until the powers that be make their decision....... I shouldn't have gone back to work until mid June but returned to work yesterday as we have virtually no money after paying rent, council tax, insurance and what little we can spend on food, along with the cost of my partners fares to work, we're left with little or nothing to play with !!!!

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    They are saying they are wanting to get things right first time is their excuse for the time scales. It is a long time to wait but might be worth it in the end some say.

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    This doesn't excuse the PIP delays in any way (which, frankly, are inexcusable), but it's worth pointing out that PIP wasn't intended to be an income replacement benefit, but a contribution towards extra costs because of being disabled.

    Of course, the reality is that many disabled people need to use some or all of their PIP / DLA / AA to cover basic living expenses (which is also of considerable concern). I post this just to explain why there's no interim payments pending assessment, unlike with ESA.

    I hope your recovery continues and that you are able to cope with your return to work. Don't forget that Access to Work might be able to provide some job related support.

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    Hi Flymo, I appreciate what you're saying about PIP is intended to be an income replacement benefit, but without having any other financial support at all, as far as "any" benefits are concerned, me and my partner have already "subbed out" every member of the family and friends to the point where we no longer see anyone any more. I often think they think we've gone into hiding.

    I understand this process is taking an extremely long time, in the meantime we're slipping further and further behind with Rent, Council Tax and Rates. Next thing is they'll be sending Bailiffs round for payment, which we neither have, nor are likely to have for quite some time.

    In the meantime, we're still struggling to even muster money together for fares to work..... No work... No pay... The main reason I've gone back to work some six weeks before is recommended. My Consultants and GP are not amused.

    What I would like to know is what stage do we need to be at before we get any Benefits of any kind, let alone PIP ? Our Landlord has been very good up until now, but I know he won't wait much longer...... It's not going to help IF we get evicted as the Council won't do a thing to re house us and we've already been told we're not entitled to any help whatsoever !!!! My partner doesn't earn a fortune and neither do I, but according to everyone concerned with our status, we're living like Lords !!!!

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