I claimed compensation on my wife's behalf for her bank/credit Card Protection Policy from CPP. It was a very straightforward process complicated only by the vast amounts of paperwork they sent regarding voting for compensation to be paid and for claiming compensation. The large amount of paperwork were, I'm convinced, designed only to confuse and intimidate. The actual claim form itself is very straightforward and asks for the reasons why you think compensation should be paid (basically the protection against fraudulent use of the card was already in place via the card issuer) and a date and signature. They even provided a prepaid envelope for return of the form.

My wife today received a cheque which is a refund of the premiums she has paid to CPP since 2005 plus interest. It amounts to a tidy sum.

The point of this post is to encourage anyone who has received a claim form and not yet returned it to complete it and send it off. I must admit that my years have made me cynical and I thought that my wife would be told she was not eligible for some obscure reason but the cheque received today was a welcome surprise.