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Thread: What's wrong with people?

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    We have a pelican crossing on a road junction. The lights change, traffic often stops back before the junction to let anyone turning right out. I have had lots of near misses there where someone turning left has shot out and straight through the red light just as I am beginning to cross. I can never remember numbers or I would certainly have reported them.
    One of these days I will be under the front of a car.

    Another thing that gets to me are those in a queue of traffic who seem to think it is OK to stop on a crossing. The lights change and you can't actually get across. Those not needing dropped kerbs manage it but those who need them are stuck.

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    I remember those, the green flashing bit also made a noise and you found yourself trying to run the last bit lol

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    We were down visiting our son in London and there is a crossing outside his home but I never get across in time, hubby says I need a wheelchair, but not ready for that, in my head I want to run but the legs say "no" (lol), but drivers are so impatient and are driving passed before I've made it to the footpath, but then other times when I'm crossing the road some one will stop and let me cross where there is no crossing weird world.

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    I quite agree. i'm now in the wonderful place of crossing roads with wheelchair. you find dropped kerbs that are quite steep, and kerbs with a bit of a lip. hit em at speed and you'll be thrown out. so i have to reverse (in the road )and go up backwards. the waiting bus loves that!

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    I don't seem to have trouble crossing roads in town when on foot because I have the ability to bring all traffic to a complete halt by just standing on the edge of a pavement with the threat of moving into the road.

    I'm the only person I know that has trams stopping to let me cross the road when it's not even a tram stop!

    It's wonderful to have this power. Now I wonder if I can stop the tide from coming in. lol

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    Hey we get that all the time. When I take my little boy to school I have to have eyes like an Hawk and there's been plenty of times when they don't stop at all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil14 View Post
    Hey we get that all the time. When I take my little boy to school I have to have eyes like an Hawk and there's been plenty of times when they don't stop at all!
    We live near a primary school, and although there are no crossings the roads have 20mph limits, it's a quiet & peaceful estate most of the time.
    But when the kids are let in/out, and you just happen to be crossing a road - it's not the boy racers/fast cars you have to watch for, it's the mums and their barges speeding on the wrong side of the road on a blind bend - nearly hitting myself and my daughter!

    I also couldn't get her reg (I usually do try to) as she didn't stop and sped off!
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