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Thread: New wheelchair concept!

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    New wheelchair concept!

    Hey guys
    I am a university student studying product design, and I have developed a new wheelchair concept. The main of the project was to address wheelchair aesthetics with the aim to challenge/change the perceptions of disability through design. I made a quick animation of the product which you can on YouTube.

    You can view an animation of the wheelchair at this link:

    A few questions which you may consider
    What do you think of the concept?
    Is it aesthetically pleasing design?
    Do you think it can challenge the perceptions of disability?
    What other features could be included? Customisation, Colour choices, materials,
    Any other things you may want to add?

    This would help me out a lot.

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    Thanks for actually thinking about design issues relating to wheelchairs.

    My first thoughts when seeing your design. The wheelchair kooks more like a sports wheelchair to be used in sports halls that don't encounter any physical barriers like kerbs.

    Wheels - I like the look of the wheels and rims.

    Brakes. From a safety point of view it's better to lock the wheels before attempting to get into it in my opinion.

    Backrest - looks different. Would these three horizontal bars pivot and be independent. Have you thought about a low mesh like you see on some office chairs which would work out cheaper and might be more comfortable to lean against.

    Armrests - again depending on its target use. I have a curved spin so when sat I need to lean on an armrest =. These would obviously need to be removeable.

    Carrying the wheelchair in a car. The question being how would it dismantle. Sports chairs don't normally fold up but the wheels can easily be removed by hand. With the backrest design as it is the wheelchair could be pulled together for portability

    Balance and weight distribution - be careful where the seat is positioned in relation to the hubs so people don't tip out backwards.

    Safety features - If the chair was used outdoors on the high street you'd need to include some anti-tip bars and wheel(s) at the back.

    As a summary it's a pleasant looking chair that needs tweaking. And decide if it's aimed at the mass market or a niche sporting market.

    Carry on the good work and let us see any further developments for comment.

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    I would like to know about the concept in-order to give a better reply.

    But my initial thoughts that it's a good looking wheelchair and if done properly may achieve what your are setting out to do, I also agree with what has been said above the chair needs further development.

    the wheels and backrest look sleek and something different to other wheelchairs, overall it has the beginnings of a good wheelchair

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    I really like the look of you concept, I would like to see more of it, not many wheelchairs are designed from that perspective. keep going looking good

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    Hard to tell but there doesn't look as though there is a lot of adjustability in it? Wheel position, camber, back position etc will all need to be adjustable to suit individual needs. Apart from that it looks good. Back doesn't look very supportive though - good back support is important for lots of disabled people.

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    Have you been to an event such as MS Life or Motability roadshow? you really ought to see whats already on the market first.
    theres self-propelled, attendant propelled and electric.
    theres power-packs. there is various types of wheels. and as has been said......whats the weight? will it fold down and go in a car boot?

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    Just remember your competing with some of the top designers from the F1 racing industry which have resulted in the K2 designs, prototyped in about 2008!

    But don't be put off.. If you can create the Dyson of wheelchairs, you could be onto something

    Good luck!

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    I also constantly use wheelchair, however my son selected a chair for me listed on this article, I find it more comfortable sitting on that chair and roaming aroud house, rather than a wheelchair, it makes me feels weak of sorts.

    I just checked the design of your chair and it does feel good, would love to buy it if I ever got the chance!

    I just wish that people make wheelchairs more stylish comfortable and affordable as well!

    However I like this wheelchair from amazon as well. however it's expensive as hell and I can't afford it too.

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    If you have a disabled child who needs specialist equipment like

    • Manual and powered wheelchairs
    • Adaptive bicycles and trikes
    • Assistance animals
    • Hoists and lifts

    • Modified vehicle access
    • Standing and walking assistance like gait trainers, walkers, standing frames and positioning systems
    • Specialized car seating, shower and toilet chairs, and many more
    • Contact

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