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Thread: DLA to PIP is there any chance? (new member, please help!)

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    DLA to PIP is there any chance? (new member, please help!)

    Hi all,

    My dla award is due to finish this June and so, like many of you, I've applied for PIP. I currently recieve higher rate mobility, however it was an absolute ordeal to get this award and it went to tribunal (the people at DWP openly admitted they did not understand my condition!!) at tribunal they almost automatically made their mind up once the doctor read my medical records. My award was for 2 years, however at the time my award was given I was pending a place in rehab (I have a spinal condition, its not what you're thinking!) they said they wouldve granted my award longer however rehab my have a positive effect on my condition. It hasn't, my condition is exactly the same if not worse, I have Chronic Pain Syndrome and degenerative discs, which often cause nerve problems, protude through my ligament etc. I also have a few other conditions caused by this, they've tried all medication and treatment and have decided that I will unfortunately be stuck with this for life and it may worsen.

    Due to my condition I cannot sit, stand or walk for prolonged amounts of time (i.e 2 minutes) which is incredibly frustrating, however, now PIP have decided you mustn't be able to walk 20m to qualify for higher rate I'm worried I'll get turned down and the benefits rights officer who helped me fill out my claims form didn't exactly write it in a persuasive manner as he said when it comes to my assessment the healthcare professional is likely to see that I am in excrutiating pain which may give me the 'upper hand'.

    I often play down my condition, I've had numerous spinal fractures and not even known until later MRI's because i try not to make a big deal of the pain I'm in, but I'm very aware that's of no use when claiming for mobility and I should just be brutally honest.

    My claims form was due in 21st March and I sent it off in plenty of time does anyone know when I'm likely to be given an assessment date and please could you all give me advice/realistic response on how to proceed,

    Many Thanks!

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    No one on here can tell you. I would advise you to look at Flymo's comprehensive guide regarding PIP.

    Also see your Welfare Rights Officer from your local council or see CAB for how to best prepare your case.

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    Hi Rubos
    PIP claims are taking a very long time at the moment , can't tell you when you will get a assessment but i claimed PIP in September 2013 i only had my face to face assessment on 6TH March 2014 , my claim was awarded on 25th March 2014 , my claim took about 30 weeks from start to finish .

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    toolook has already pointed you to the thread where I've posted a lot of information, advice and my personal experience of the PIP process.

    I can't manage too long a reply tonight (I've been up 16 hours, spending four hours writing law reports before going to London to see one of the specialist teams looking after me).

    The PIP scoring process is explained in the first post of that thread. It's your wa lking ability safely, to an acceptable standard, as often as necessary and in no more than twice the maximum time taken by a well person that matters on a day by day basis. This makes it vital to paint a full picture of your walking ability in the mind of the assessor and decision maker, giving examples to flesh out your explanations.

    You've got to be completely honest about what you can and can't do, including mention of your pain. If you play down your condition at assessment, you will likely not get what you are entitled to.

    To be honest, I'm not very impressed with a welfare rights person that is happy to leave so much to the assessment - their job to help you present the truth in the most convincing manner possible. There's nothing stopping you preparing a supplementary document, fleshing out his answers, which you should send to the same address as you returned the original form to. You could wait and hand it to the assessor, but that's a less preferable option because it denies them the chance of reading it before they meet you. (If you do send in a supplementary submission, I would take a copy to your assessment in case it wasn't sent to the assessor).

    As others have said, it's taking a long time for PIP assessments to take place. As you're renewing an expiring DLA award, your DLA will continue until the PIP decision is made, so long as you met the deadlines in the letters you were sent.

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    Thank you!

    Thanks all for replying you've really helped me out.

    I'm about to start driving and have been advised to apply for a blue badge as i would currently automatically qualify due to high rate mobility however because my award ends this june would my badge also become invalid despite if i was still waiting for my pip assessment? (Sorry for all the questions!)

    Flymo, thanks for taking the time to give such a detailed reply! I currently study law - I feel your pain!

    Thanks to you all again

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    Any Blue Badge based on your existing DLA award will expire in June. The extension whilst you wait for a PIP decision does not apply to your Blue Badge entitlement, unfortunately.

    There are two other options - wait for your PIP decision, or apply via the "subject to further assessment" route. The latter option involves filling in quite a detailed questionnaire on your mobility and undergoing an independent mobility assessment at your council's expense. If it is decided you fit the "further assessment" criteria, which are best described as a little bit laxer than the "virtually unable to walk" limb of DLA higher rate Mobility, you will get a Blue Badge valid for three years.

    Are you studying for an LLB?

    If you want to read the PIP legislation, search on for "Personal Independence" (without the quotes). SI 2013/377 is the core regulations, with a vital amendment in SI 2013/455.

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    So if my daughters PIP claimisn't sorted by the time her fixed dla runs out in summer, will she get a run on of dla? what a cock up this pip system is

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaynethornhill View Post
    So if my daughters PIP claimisn't sorted by the time her fixed dla runs out in summer, will she get a run on of dla? what a cock up this pip system is
    Your daughter's claim is a transfer from DLA to PIP on reaching 16, which implies that the first letter in the process was PIP 0185 (link is to the sample on On the second page of the sample letter, it says:

    If you claim Personal Independence Payment, we’ll make sure that your Disability Living Allowance continues to be paid until we make a decision about your Personal Independence Payment claim.
    I expect the letter you received is the same.

    The letters for the three main 'natural reassessment' routes from DLA to PIP (change of circumstances, child reaching 16, expiring fixed-term award) and the eventual 'managed reassessment' route (forced move from DLA to PIP, which starts in October 2015) all have the same provision for the DLA award to continue until the PIP decision is made, so long as the claimant meets the given deadlines.

    The only situation I can't find information on are volunteers who wish to move from DLA to PIP, though I expect them also to benefit from their DLA continuing until the PIP decision is made, so long as they meet the given deadlines.

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