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Thread: Help with pushing manual wheelchair

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    Help with pushing manual wheelchair

    My disabled partner has put on a lot of weight over the winter. He is a stroke survivor but severely disabled and registered blind; therefore no electric wheelchair.

    We used to go out once a week last summer, just for an hour or so, for a coffee (yep, and cake) at the weekend, with me loading/unloading his wheelchair into my car and then pushing him around once we arrived at the local town. Trying to pre-empt any objections from him about doing the same this summer I wonder how I could go about finding either a volunteer to help push him, or, if I had to, paying someone a 'token fee' to help with this task. Ideally, a volunteer would be ideal, as can not really afford the financial cost involved long-term, and also worried about any implications associated with paying someone.

    Have thought of advertising in local shop windows (though not many local shops in this quite rural area, near Dover), but thought the good folk on here might have some ideas. Any help appreciated.

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    There are such things as attendant controlled electric wheelchairs, where there is either a joystick at the back, or a speed controller and steering input comes from swivelling the push handles. However, the chances of NHS wheelchair services supplying one are slender, as the criteria for EPIOCs (electrically powered indoor outdoor chairs) usually refer to the independence of the user in some way, as well as frequency of use. The attendant controls come at additional cost over a regular joystick controlled chair, limiting the market still further.

    There are also power packs available for manual chairs which assist the pusher. These would have to be bought privately, but tend to be rather cheaper than an attendant controlled power chair.

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    Hi Blair1,

    Here's what you're looking for at a price.

    Before you go out and buy one just do some research to find out if you can get a charitable organisation to pay for it.

    Alternative ways to fund wheelchairs . . .

    Just a thought

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    Hi Blair1,

    Have a look at the add-on power systems for wheelchairs on our website. You can find the link below:

    I hope this is useful for you.

    Kind regards,
    DLF team

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    Two companies that do add-on p0wer packs are Benoit (they are French) and also SD Solutions (google them)
    Not cheap but you may be able to get grant funding.
    Suggest the FIRST step would be to encourage your partner to lose weight. I'm a wheelchair user so i know it ain't easy, but it is POSSIBLE. You can look into hiring a carer but be wary of advertising in any old place. Try Gumtree (free) (free) simpleneeds (all free). you would need to go thru the procedure set out by your LA.

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