Fine weather today, so tackled a bit of gardening.
Managed to get 3 sets of sweetpea canes up and planted, including one spot where I had to dig out 6 square feet of periwinkle. That was the toughest part of the day!
2 of the frames were planted with "Heaven Scent" which as you can guess is highly fragrant, and a mix of pastel colours, another one set is planted with "Pulsar" which is also scented but a single deep scarlet. These are all September sown and have been in the cold frame since the start of February, so very healthy, tough and hardened of. and not at all leggy.
Still have more Pulsar to plant but tomorrow I will plant around a trellis/arbour/archway I made a year or 2 ago,~( not sure what to call it.)~ with Royal mixed White, pure white, long stems and heavily scented. That can mix with young Lonicera Japonica and the clematis on the other side.
The seedlings are taking over the greenhouse. I think they have plans for world domination.