hi all, would really appreciate a reply within a couple of hours as my adviser at reed is about to sanction me.

Basically i have severe agoraphobia, panic and anxiety diagnosed for about 8 years

On my first appointment, I asked her if I was unable to attend an interview, and phoned in, would I be sanctioned and she replied no.

So the day of my second interview, im feeling very anxious, basically housebound, i phoned in to tell her (it was 10 minutes before the appointment time) that i was too unwell to attend, and she replied 'well i'm going to raise a doubt and you will most likely be sanctioned' i replied that on our previous interview i gave her all the information on my health issues and that if i was too unwell to attend an interview and phoned in, i would not be sanctioned.

I phoned my local Jobcentre plus and they told me there's nothing they can do about it, i'd have to speak with Reed, (where i have my work related interviews)

What the hell do i do? I really can't afford being sanction as have to pay rent to my mum!

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance