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Thread: Copy of PIP assessment report?

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    Copy of PIP assessment report?

    i got turned down for PIP as some of you know. The letter making the decision was dated the 20th March, 2014 and arrived to me on the 26th March 2014. I note in the letter it gives me 30 days to ask for a mandatory reconsideration. I am due a phone call from the decision maker on the 31st March 2014 to state her reasoning in the decision.

    I telephoned on the 26th March 2014 to ask for the actual copy of the assessment report and was told it would take about 2 weeks to come through so I would not have a copy when the decision maker rings me. (being 10th April)

    I note that people who have had positive decisions have already received their assessment reports so why is it that I have to wait for mine until near enough the time when my mandatory reconsideration time limit is near enough up.

    It seems unfair to me that I will only have less than one week to read it over (if it takes over 2 weeks as I was told as it took near on 1 week for the decision to arrive from the date it was made) and ask for a reconsideration being 19th April, 2014 at the latest.

    Can I tell the decision maker on Monday that I want a reconsideration when she calls me and will that be enough LEGALLY to start to the process as this would only be over the telephone and not in writing.

    Also I know that my report was changed twice and do I get to see what changes were made. I know that it was written on the computer that they needed revised paperwork from Capita and yet when the manager rang me on the 18th March due to not having received this paperwork yet (as she stated although a decision was made on the 20th March) she said it was not "revised" paperwork. I KNOW that when I rang customer services a week previous to this she read out to me what notes were written next to my claim and it was that they were asking Capita for revised paperwork.
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    If you tell the decision maker that you need a copy of the assessment report to make your written reconsideration submission, I'd be surprised if it takes as long as a fortnight to receive it. The decision maker will hopefully be able to arrange for it to be printed and sent promptly - it should be on DWP's computer system, so printing a copy should be straightforward.

    Ask the decision maker for their contact details when they call: name and direct line phone number. If there's insufficient time remaining once you get the assessment report, you can make a formal application for additional time, but this adds considerable extra complexity. If you allow the original deadline to pass whilst awaiting a decision on extra time, then extra time is refused, you lose your chance to challenge the decision.

    You asked about when a reconsideration request is legally made, but that's the wrong way to think about it. What matters is getting your arguments as to why the decision should be changed to DWP before the deadline expires.

    You can ask for the decision to be reconsidered over the phone without any further input from yourself - but that virtually guarantees the same decision is made again. I would only do this if you are down to the last two days of the reconsideration window, there's no hope of getting a more detailed submission to DWP in time, you are certain that you wish to appeal to a tribunal and don't rate your chances of showing "good cause" for making your reconsideration submission late.

    This is hypothetical for now. I recommend concentrating on your arguments for reconsideration.

    Similarly, I wouldn't concern yourself with the revision requests and responses at this stage - getting a good quality reconsideration submission in should be your priority. Indeed, with the information I've given you since your decision, you should have plenty to think about already!

    You should be able to get hold of at least some information on the revisions via a Subject Access Request, though this would be for information only as there's nothing you can do to challenge them.

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