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Thread: Accessible taxis in Rhodes

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    Accessible taxis in Rhodes

    It really is worth doing RESEARCH before going abroad. We visited Rhodes twice. Mainly cuz the hotel was linked to a dialysis unit - for my partner.
    As a wheelchair user we had to plan where to visit and where not. The 2nd year we did find (online) a firm who had WAV and booked em for a trip to Ixia......which did have a promenade. However, quick note, Greek kerbs are 10 inches high.
    Cobbles, don't even go there....
    Hotels, big ones and the grounds are usually OK.
    We probably spent the euros on taxis, but thats cuz of the heat and I get tired real easy with MS.

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    Yes, but it was a darn good holiday you can take a look here:

    We like to get about

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