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Good evening guys!

I always find myself writing to you on an evening at the moment. However, I sincerely doubt that you are reading this on an evening, if I was you, I would be curled up in bed with a cup of tea and a good DVD series or a book, wow I sound old haha! Well, I am in fact 25 now. 25 doesnít sound THAT old, but when you think of it in the context of a quarter century, it is actually super depressing haha. I will write an update blog soon as it has been MY BIRTHDAY and Iíve also been doing quite a lot of traveling, as usual so I have some great hotel reviews to come.

Now! To the matter in hand! Buying a Wheelchair, Part Two

If youíve not read Part One of this series you can read it now here .

The last blog was mainly about getting started and this one is going to be more about the logistical side of things and getting all the necessary admin that comes with a new chair sorted!

Firstly, if you are purchasing a chair yourself out right, you need to make sure the chair you are having has all of the bits that you need but equally, if it has things you donít need.. donít be afraid to say! Sometimes there are that many options on a Wheelchair order form that you can end up signing up for things you donít need but cost a fortune. For example, if your current cushions are okay on your old chair as long as the seat sizes are similar there is no need to pay extra for new ones unless they are needed at the time of purchase. I also found that things like different material for the arm rests and back rests cost more than a standard material and glossy paint was more expensive than matte paint. So if you are just looking for a functional chair with no added glam, make sure you check the form over yourself to make sure you arenít being charged for things you donít need.

NHS Voucher Scheme

If you are having a voucher chair you can often contribute extra money for things that you need. Iíve decided to go down the voucher route, mainly for the maintenance contract that is included. Read more....