A few months ago both a physiotherapist who specialises in Joint Hypermobility Syndrome(it gets called HMS for short) and a rheumatologist told me that I definitely needed knee braces because my knees were hyper extending and causing subluxations and joint damage. The rheumatologist said that I am not suitable for surgery due to my condition. So they referred me to the orthopaedic ICATS department.

When I got my appointment I was sent to a doctor who was not HMS aware. She didn't even know what it was which is no surprise to me as it is a very rare condition. During my examination she dislocated my left kneecap with very little effort and then ran out of the room in a panic leaving me to put it back into socket myself. If I hadn't of done it myself then It would have swollen up and I would have needed an ambulance.

When she returned she told me that she disagreed with the specialist physiotherapist's advice about needing knee braces and that she wanted me to try "every other option" before giving me my much needed knee braces. She then referred me to another physiotherapist who is making me do exactly the same exercises as the other one did. And now the new physio is saying the same as the first one.

I feel like I'm being given the run around. I think they are only doing this cause they don't want to be out the money for my knee braces as the type of braces that I need are specifically for people with my condition and they are really expensive.