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Thread: George Osborne Budget Statement out tomorrow.

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    George Osborne Budget Statement out tomorrow.

    I hate to be a the bearer of bad news but there may be a range of new welfare cuts on the way tomorrow. This will be included in George Osborne's budget report. In January the Chancellor said there will be another 12 billion cuts on the way and that 2014 will be the year of hard truths. I have been watching the political scene very carefully and I think we are
    going to see another kick in the groin to disabled people again.

    The Government is singing to this tune of 'The Long Term Economic Plan'. This is where they will support those in work and make life harder for those on state hand outs.

    You only need to look back over the last 3 months and you can almost see the motives of the current legislators. Raise in min-wage, tax-free limit increased, working family childcare subsidy. Then look at actions of MPs in the commons. The WOW petition debate; Less than 5 ruling Government MPs turned up. In days before there was the whole campaign against ATOS. Only 2 MPs showed up. One was playing party politics and the other was part of the old guard against Thatcher.

    It seems that the only MP to care for disabled people was Mr Dennis Skinner during the protests.

    I'm not looking to cause anyone stress or panic but something is going down so we all need to focus on the media channels tomorrow.

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    I'm more interested to hear Ed Balls response to the speech to be honest. After all, barring a miracle, he will be Chancellor next year not Gideon.

    The Institute for Fiscal Studies estimates that Labour will need to implement about £18bn cuts to departmental budgets once they come to power so lets hear where these cuts will fall.

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