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Thread: Victorian Britain in the 21st Century???

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    Lightbulb Victorian Britain in the 21st Century???

    Private landlords and lack of affordable housing is a similar state to Victorian style tenement housing. Training schemes to get people back to work or face benefit sanctions is similar to Victorian style workhouses. Food banks and soup kitchens used by people out of work and in work due to low wages and the rising cost of living.

    Employers offer a permanent job, then only employ the person for approx. 2 1/2 months and then sack them for no reason or made up reasons, and because the person wasn't working with the employer for 3 months or more, has no recourse to an unfair dismissal tribunal.

    Other employers are being paid by the government to employ people for a short training programme to get people back to work, that person then has to leave at the end of the 'training' and is recycled on to the next employer looking for cheap labour, our government are using people for cheap/slave labour. I thought slavery was abolished and then our government go and legalise it!!!! (There are a few employers that don't abuse the system but unfortunately the majority do abuse the new systems put in place by our wonderful government.)

    Our country is going backwards not forwards!

    Then if we leave the EU what human rights will we be left with??? (if any)!!!



    Ok, rant over!
    Expect the worst and hope for the best!!!

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    To those who voted no, once the government has finished destroying human rights in Britain, especially those that directly affect disabled people, where will we be then?

    When everything that previous generations spent decades fighting for is gone in a matter of a few years, who will we be able to complain to, especially if legal advice or legal action is needed and who could afford to complain in the first place since legal aid has been slashed?

    We have already had to consistently fight for our right to get all the support that our disabled son needs, what will be left for him when he grows up, what about the next generation?

    Expect the worst and hope for the best!!!

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