Was wondering if someone could assist here.

I go to the local council swimming pool and leisure centre - up until 2008 it was run completely by the council but since then it has been run by a Sports and Leisure Trust Ltd on behalf of the council.

My question is - should it by law have disabled parking? There used to be such spaces there however the markings have now faded so much that you cannot tell what is a normal space and what isn't. Consequently, people just park anywhere. The building itself, despite being quite old, is otherwise great for disabled access.

I'm not usually one to moan about such things but for me, getting my wheelchair in and out of the car is quite difficult unless I have the luxury of the larger disabled space so I emailed the group who run these centres last February and they replied assuring me that my comments would be passed on and action would be taken.

But 12 months on it's still the same.

I have emailed yet again but if nothing is done about it would it be worthwhile contacting the council about this and if so which specific department should I contact.

Thanks in advance for any advice offered.