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Thread: coming to end of my 3 year mobility

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    coming to end of my 3 year mobility

    hi my mobilty car is up in sept can i purchase this myself if so do we get discounts or does it go to auction

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    My understanding is that you can ask Motability for a price if you want to purchase the car. The price is typically the top end of book value.

    If you don't purchase the car, it will usually be sold by British Car Auctions in a sale that is only open to trade bidders.

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    You can ask for the figures 3 months before your lease is due to end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jshaun1968 View Post
    hi my mobilty car is up in sept can i purchase this myself if so do we get discounts or does it go to auction
    You can request a purchase price from Motability, I believe 11 weeks prior to the lease end and you will receive a price in the post which is close to the dealer price, normally a little less. If you wish to purchase you must pay cleared funds to Motability no later than 7 days prior to the changeover date. If you do not purchase then the "servicing" dealer who conducted the MOT has 1st option on the car, if not its advertised on an internal website where other dealers can purchase and if still "unsold" it goes off to auction. This is why they have the 7 day rule, to allow time for this process to happen.

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    I'll throw a few other ideas into the mix.

    If you've done a fairly low mileage Motability will allow you to extend your lease. Low mileage is more flexible than you think - each case is taken on its own merits.
    Advantages - you keep the car you like, same payments and no deposit.

    Buying the car. As outlined above but you should try to negotiate a few extras like a service and MOT to be thrown in. You won't need the car to be inspected and two weeks after buying it you get the good condition bonus of £250 whatever the state of the ca plus free one year Warranty. Use Fish Car Insurance to get a quote for car insurance as they aim their insurance at ex-notability customers and give great value for money.

    Extend lease for two years then buy car off Motability after 5 years. You'll get a £400 cheque two weeks later and a one year Warranty. Hire purchase price a lot cheaper due to depreciation.I took this route - the car is now 6 years 3 months old and I've only done 36k miles. I generally use it locally but it gives me my freedom to go where and when I want.

    If you're worried about the pending change from DLA to PIP and you're not sure you'll get it I'd try the two year extension route as your first option - you've nothing to lose.

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